Everything You Need to Know About Blackbutt Timber and Its Qualities

28 January 2021

Whatever your property is, having a sturdy staircase is important to access other areas of your property. Low-lying properties like home and some offices maximise the presence of staircases to get to another floor. Since homes tend to change their design plans more often than other properties, then changing the material for staircases may not be a new thing for homeowners. As you all know, staircases may be made from different materials such as stones and timber. One of the most common materials for staircases is timber, which can be broken down further into numerous types. Among the best timber […]

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Tasmanian Oak Timber Qualities and Common Applications

13 January 2021

Warm, thick and strong, Tasmanian oak is the favoured hardwood for a wide scope of applications. It functions admirably and produces a phenomenal completion. It tends to be utilized in all types of development and inside applications, for example, framing and deck. It very well may be stick overlaid to cover long ranges. Facade, pressed wood and designed items are likewise accessible. It is additionally a famous furniture timber, and its fibre is pursued reconstituted board and creation of the great paper. Tasmanian oak is light in shading, changing from straw to rosy earthy coloured with halfway shades of cream […]

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Year-End Review: Best of 2020’s Staircase Designs

15 December 2020

We are nearing the end of the year and quite frankly, 2020 has presented us with more challenges than any other year in the 21st century combined. Instead of dwelling with this pandemic anxiety, why not take a look at this year-end review of the best of 2020’s staircase designs. Staircases are something of a home luxury that most houses no longer tend to focus on, or much less even afford to have. These have become something of a luxury lately, relegated to only the most affluent of houses that boast grand and timeless designs, which are well beyond the […]

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Qualities of Merbau Wood and Why It’s Ideal for Both Outdoor and Indoor Staircases

07 December 2020

Merbau is a mainstream hardwood from areas in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, and northern Queensland. With its serious level of common durability and strength, it is used remotely in designing, construction and marine applications. Merbau also features in backyards as outdoor furniture, and inside in scope of joinery, flooring and different uses. Merbau is harvested from tropical forests and, in some cases, might be sourced from forests lawfully changed over to other land uses or where there are insufficient controls. Affirmed Merbau is accessible in Australia, so it is suggested you check with your supplier. […]

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Spiral Staircase Must Haves: Tips in Installing Spiral Staircases

27 November 2020

When it comes to home décor, people have varied choices and tastes, and that’s more than acceptable. If you are designing or renovating your home, and you have a multi-storied building, then a staircase will come into the discussion, eventually. Spiral staircases have been around a long, long time; since the medieval times, and have inspired much famous architecture, and now it is time that you consider a spiral staircase for you home too. Here are spiral staircases must haves and a few tips in installing spiral staircases. Choose from Various Materials and Enhancements for Your Spiral Staircases A wide […]

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