Custom Staircases in Melbourne: How Planet Stairs Can Give You the Ideal Staircase for Your Home

26 July 2021

When designing or renovating your home you want the highest quality for the best price. And when it comes to staircases, you want to choose a style that reflects your own individuality and dream. Staircases for the home come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. This makes it especially easy to design a staircase that fits perfectly within your home and budget. Whether you desire a staircase that is contemporary or traditional, Planet Stairs can help you design the staircase of your dreams. Planning a Staircase Before deciding on a particular staircase, there are a few factors to […]

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Know the Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Your Staircase Design

08 July 2021

There a few normal mistakes in staircase design that ought to be avoided. The vast majority don’t understand the numerous decisions they have for staircases. Maybe they don’t know about some mix-up in steps design, it could be the width of the staircase, size of tracks or tallness of risers. These everything mistakes can without much of a stretch be customised if the mortgage holder knows about the normal mistakes in steps designs. Inappropriate Width Of Step Case In multistorey structures, some of the time staircase widths are not exactly the necessary width because of the absence of room or […]

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Stainless Steel vs. Timber Handrails: Which Option Should You Choose?

25 June 2021

Handrails are typically part of balconies, decks, and staircases as they can provide safety benefits to the people around a property. One safety benefit of handrails is that they provide support to the people who will be ascending or descending the staircases. They can provide a barrier to people who are around balconies and decks, preventing them from falling and injuring themselves. Children, the elderly, and those who might have some physical disabilities can all take advantage of handrails. These essential components, however, can only be great if they are made from durable and long-lasting materials. Fortunately, the materials used […]

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Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Stair Handrail Nosing

07 June 2021

Nearly everyone in world has used stairs at some point in their lives. Stairs are an ancient and very popular architectural feature found in nearly every structure throughout history. While everybody knows what stairs are, not everyone knows what stair nosing is used for. In fact, many people have seen it, stepped on it, and have even accidentally hit their shins on it, but not a lot of people know its purpose. Some folks think it’s installed for aesthetics’ sake, while others believe it’s there to add some traction to stairs. Still, many others have absolutely no clue what it’s […]

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Change the Overall Look and Appeal of Your Home with These New Staircase Designs

26 May 2021

Novice woodworkers fabricated the earliest houses, and the humble beautifying subtleties — straight, sticklike balusters and unadorned newel posts — mirrored the straightforward abilities of the creator. On this contemporary translation of a stair, rectangular balusters, painted to mix in or vanish against the dividers, reverberate the section corridor’s moderate design. Engineering design books, which came into vogue in the mid-nineteenth century, gave woodworkers the assets they expected to add beautification to their homes. Stairs were a simple spot to show these twists, in balusters with more unpredictable profiles and newel posts with straightforward covers or old-style mouldings. This stair […]

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