Floating Stairs for Your Home: Reimagining Staircase Design

11 April 2024

Transform your Melbourne home with floating stairs from Planet Stairs. Explore modern elegance and innovative design in staircase reimagining. Call us now! Adding floating stairs to your home makes it look beautiful and classy. Whether you have a grand entry with two steps or simple timber stairs, they are not only useful but also make your home look better. They have a unique look that changes the look of the space right away. This blog post will talk about floating stairs that can make your home look even better. Choose the right style for your home, whether you want a […]

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Wrought Iron Balustrades Make a Bold Statement: Forge Ahead in Style

28 March 2024

Enhance your staircase with the bold statement of wrought iron balustrades from Planet Stairs in Melbourne. Explore their stylish impact. Contact us now! Staircases are not just functional elements in a home; they are architectural masterpieces that can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space. In Melbourne, where design and style are highly valued, wrought iron balustrades have emerged as a popular choice for homeowners seeking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their interiors. These intricate metal railings not only provide safety but also serve as a stunning focal point, making a bold statement that […]

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Timber Handrails: The Warm and Welcoming Staircase Companion

13 March 2024

Elevate your staircase with timber handrails – the perfect blend of warmth and charm for a welcoming ambience. Contact us and trust Planet Stairs today. Discover the enduring charm of timber handrails, the quintessential companions to staircases that exude warmth and welcome. In Melbourne, these natural elements stand as timeless symbols of beauty, adding rustic elegance to homes across the city. Join us as we explore its captivating appeal and unparalleled versatility and uncover why it remains the best choice for staircase enthusiasts across Melbourne. The Appeal of Timber Handrails Timber handrails hold a special place in the hearts of […]

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Timber Staircase Manufacturing: From Concept to Installation

28 February 2024

Discover the artistry and precision of timber staircase manufacturing from concept to installation with Planet Stairs in Melbourne. Call (03) 9360 4692. Enhance your home with a stunning design statement by opting for a custom timber staircase. Crafted with expertise, these staircases serve as warm, inviting focal points, adding significant value to your property. In this post, we will explore the manufacturing and installation processes of these bespoke centrepieces, covering material selection to the finished product. Let’s dive in! The Significance of Timber Staircases in Interior Design A staircase is so much more than just a functional way to get […]

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Spiral Staircase Installation: A Striking Focal Point for Your Melbourne Home

13 February 2024

Looking for a showstopping design element to really make your Melbourne home pop? Consider installing a spiral staircase! Spiral staircases create visual drama while serving functional needs featuring a helical structure. Read on to learn why adding one of these striking architectural features should be on your remodel to-do list. Captivate with Sweeping Curves The gradual curving ascent of a spiral staircase makes an eye-catching statement. It adds flair and a sense of movement to any space. The elegance of the spiral form naturally draws the eye upward, creating an artistic focal point. Positioning it in an entryway or connecting […]

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