Storage Staircase: An Ideal Design for Smaller Homes

16 April 2019

Small homes are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. They take up less space, have lower building costs, and are more affordable to maintain! On top of these obvious benefits, smaller homes are easier to clean. The question is, how do you design a small house to maximise space? With its extremely limited space, homeowners have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the idea. The problem seems even bigger for two-story homes. You’d have to fit a staircase, some handrails, and maybe even a balustrade in such a small space, right? Typical staircases take up a considerable amount of room, and […]

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Ways to Reduce Slips and Fall-related Accidents in Timber Staircases

02 April 2019

Staircase accidents are not uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be devastating occurrence. In fact, accidents from staircases account for a bulk of bone injuries to toddlers and the elderly. More often than not, it isn’t for a lack of being careful, but more about how a typical staircase is constructed. In a lot of staircase related accidents, people report that they lost footing and ‘slipped.’ Slippery staircases are a nightmare waiting to happen, especially if you are a fan of tile or timber staircases. Thankfully, preventing accidents caused by slippage is quite easy. Some home improvement tips may […]

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Safety Standards that Must Be Considered When Designing Stairs

21 March 2019

Next to motor vehicle accidents, falls are near the top of the list of leading accidents in Australia. Falls can happen as the result of slippery flooring, and can also occur on residential and commercial stairs. While most stairways may seem simple in design, there is much that needs to be considered before they are constructed. More complex stairway designs require plans for structural integrity, proper handrail placement, and lighting to meet safety standards. Dimensional uniformity is another criteria for the safe designing of stairways. Timber staircase specialists work with property owners to design stylish and safe staircases that can […]

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Open Riser Stairs: A Design that is Gaining Popularity

07 March 2019

Staircases have always been an integral part of interior décor and structures in general, throughout history, since the earliest civilisations. To this day, stairs remain a constant fixture in homes and industrial buildings, and are a testament to both the practicality and aesthetics of architecture. In fact, there are hundreds of different staircase designs, all of which have become popular at one point in history or another. Staircases have likewise been made from a vast array of different materials, some being rarer than others. In the long history of architecture, there has not been a structure more modified and executed […]

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Types of Wood for Staircases that are Actually Termite Proof

26 February 2019

If you are getting ready to remodel your staircase, there are a few factors to consider before finalising your plans. For example, the design and structure of your home should influence the type of staircase you will choose, such as a traditional or contemporary look. Timber staircases are the most common type for residential homes, for a variety of reasons. Timber provides a natural feeling of warmth, which is why interior designers utilise timber whenever possible. It is also a very durable and flexible material that can effortlessly fit into nearly any home design plan. Tiber is also long-lasting and […]

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Why You Should Never Opt for Concrete Staircases inside Your Home

14 February 2019

When it comes to the types of materials to use for staircases inside homes, wooden staircase are the preferred choice by far. While there are other options, such as precast concrete and concrete staircases, there are reasons why these are not advised to use inside your home. To understand the reasons why precast stairs and concrete staircases are not recommended for use inside your home, it is helpful if you know the differences between them, and how these compare to wooden staircases. Concrete Staircases vs. Precast Concrete Staircases Poured-in-place concrete staircases – these are a permanent addition to a home, […]

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Why Spiral Staircases Work Best with Small Spaces

31 January 2019

Having a small living space can be uncomfortable, but if you want to maximise the little space that you have left, there is something you can consider to free up some room. If you live in a two-storey home and want to maximise all the space that you can, you will no doubt find conventional staircases to be somewhat problematic. Not only do they take up a significant amount of space with their landing and balustrades, but they can also be difficult to navigate around, especially in confined or restrictive areas. Thankfully, there is a quick solution to this dilemma […]

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Cantilever Staircases: The Staircase Art that Floats

15 January 2019

When it comes to staircases, it is mostly ‘been-there, done-that’. In the thousands of years of architectural history, every imaginable staircase design and aesthetic has already been thought of and created. This makes it difficult for modern homes to truly adopt completely avant-garde aesthetics. Even the most modern of staircase designs still have an inkling of the old-fashioned in it, whether it’s in the balustrade, the railings, or the treads. If you are a homeowner that is looking for something truly ‘modern’, cantilever staircases might be the ideal choice. The Staircase Art that Floats: Cantilever Staircases Cantilever staircases are a […]

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Tasmanian Oak for Your Staircase: Grain and Timber Quality that You Must Know About

17 December 2018

If you are looking for the perfect type of wood for your staircase, you may have come across many of the more conventional options – pine, heartwood, mahogany, and redwoods. While these varieties of timber are all excellent choices for staircases, and though each of them vary in price and innate aesthetic and practical value, they are quite commonplace and might not have the same sort of ‘wow-factor’ that many intrepid new homeowners or adventurous home renovators need or want. If you want something new, or if you are looking for a type of wood that is uncommon, but can […]

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Features and Qualities of Victorian Ash Timber for Staircases

06 December 2018

One of the easiest ways to add a ton of personality to your home is by installing a brand new staircase. We are particularly taken by the aesthetic and functional benefits that timber staircases can offer. Combining elegance and sturdy functionality, your home could benefit from the conversation starter that a Victorian Ash Timber staircase could provide. If you are not familiar with this style of timber staircase then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to outline the qualities and features of Victorian Ash Timber when used in the construction of a new staircase. Victorian Ash […]

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