Bringing Out the Craftsmanship in Your Stairs Design

07 February 2020

A craftsman design is making its round on the recent trends in staircases styles. With their clean lines and out-of-doors inspired look, it is visually-pleasing to incorporate them to home interiors. Below are tips on how you can bring out the craftsmanship in your stairs design. Modern Craftsmanship One of the appeals of the craftsman style is that the streamlined look matches the tastes of many homeowners. For a contemporary look, consider pairing down the post profile by avoiding the boot feature. The absence of a boot from your post results in a slimmer profile, and plays on the clean, […]

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Custom Staircase Designs and Ideas for 2020

24 January 2020

Unknown to many, stairs are commonly the feature of an entrance. After the front entry door, it is the first place of welcome and greeting in a home. The entryway has the opportunity to set the feeling and tone for the rest of the home. Although there are so many spaces in a home that require our attention, like for example the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc, homeowners cannot help but exert effort, time and resources to invest in designing staircases. This is because a staircase can tie together all aspects of your home. Not only are stairs and railing […]

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Choosing Between Timber or Wrought Iron Balusters for Your Home: Important Differences to Keep in Mind

09 January 2020

Balusters, otherwise known as stair spindles, are architecturally essential to many stairways. These architectural tools have two most popular kinds, namely the timber and the wrought iron balusters. Both styles provide the structural support you need for a safe and code compliant stairway, but there are some important differences to keep in mind. Below are some of them. Timber Balusters Offer a More Traditional Look If you’re aiming for a traditional look for your home, timber balusters are the perfect choice. Thanks to a wide variety of turned and blocked shapes, timber balusters offer a multitude of design options. The […]

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Properties of Blackbutt Timber: What Makes it a Great Material for Staircases?

16 December 2019

Whatever your property is, having a sturdy staircase is important to access other areas of your property. Low-lying properties like home and some offices maximise the presence of staircases to get to another floor. Since homes tend to change their design plans more often than other properties, then changing the material for staircases may not be a new thing for homeowners. As you all know, staircases may be made from different materials such as stones and timber. One of the most common materials for staircases is timber, which can be broken down further into numerous types. Among the best timber […]

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Outdoor Timber Stairs: Reasons that Make Merbau Timber the Ideal Material to Use

09 December 2019

If you are planning to add another floor outside your house, then adding stairs must be the next thing that you have in mind. Let’s say you want to build a deck that will cater to exterior spaces for entertainment, patios, and other related places. Having outdoor stairs with your external deck can be useful since you don’t have to use or convert the stairs found inside your home. Adding outdoor stairs cost cheaper than renovating and retrofitting your indoor stairs. Considering the vast amount of material choices for stairs, you must know that there is one type of material […]

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The Pros and Cons of Timber Balustrades

22 November 2019

For sure, most homes with a second floor and more have stairs that are carefully designed and constructed according to the owners’ preferences. However, there may be instances that they have to redesign and reconstruct the stairs for various personal reasons. This instance calls for a new hunt for materials, design, structure, and more for their stairs at home. One of the main parts of the stairs is the balustrade. Balustrades are composed of small columns topped by a rail, which helps the people flight the stair safely. These balustrades prevent people from falling while going up or down the […]

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Things to Consider When Creating a Staircase Design with Your Kids in Mind

04 November 2019

Having kids at home can be fun. They can change the overall mood and dynamics of the house in just a few days. These little children can turn an organized house into a complete battlefield. From throwing out things to shoving the food away, these small humans can definitely get into your nerves in no time. Despite all these, you must see to it that each corner of your house is completely safe for the kids. One of the most common areas that you must check is the stairs. In hindsight, our staircase is not that harmful since it is […]

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Qualities that Make Victorian Ash Wood a Practical Choice for Staircases and Balustrades

24 October 2019

Aside from their respective aesthetic values, staircases and balustrades are also functional facets of a certain infrastructure. A staircase is used to bridge together vertical distances by dividing it into small elevated platforms known as steps. While a balustrade is used to prevent those that are utilizing the building from falling off of staircases, balconies and any areas that are higher than a meter off of the ground level. That is why it is necessary to utilise a material that is both durable and appealing. Among the materials that can be used for staircases and balustrades is Victorian Ash Wood. […]

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A Guide to Proper Heights and Rises for Your New Stairs

09 October 2019

There are many great ways to improve the look and feel of a building. One of the most effective ways is by designing and installing new stairs. Whether you are looking to add some flair to your home or you are just bored of the same-old, new stairs have plenty to offer. With that being said, you can’t simply install new stairs without knowing what you are doing. Today, we are going to explore how to select the proper rises and heights of your new stairs. Setting Proper Heights and Rises for Your Stairs If you are reading this right […]

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Compact Staircase Ideas for Small Homes

26 September 2019

If you live in a two-storey home, you need to have a staircase. However, your staircase options will be limited due to space restrictions if you live in a small home. There are a few ways that you can incorporate a compact staircase into a small home. Types of Staircases Spiral staircases are ideal for compact homes because they can be constructed in a small area. They can be built around a central pole that is connected to each tread in the staircase. This eliminates the need for space that a traditional staircase framework requires. These staircases are frequently freestanding, […]

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