How Nosing Improves the Safety of Your Staircases

19 August 2019

Everyday people are using stairs, whether it is on the way to work, in a shopping mall, or at home to traverse to the second floor, stairs are everywhere. Stairs have been around since the beginning of mankind’s earliest times, and while there are many types of staircase designs that have been developed over eons of time, not everyone is familiar with all the parts of stairs, namely nosing. While stairs are used daily by all sorts of people, everywhere, most do not know what part of stairs is the nosing, and what it is used for. Actually, even if […]

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Curved Geometric Timber Staircases Bring Out the Elegance and Uniqueness of Your Home

05 August 2019

Whether it is for a new build or a home remodelling project, there are a variety of factors to consider before installing a staircase, such as the type of staircase design and the materials to use, as well as the structure and design of your home. These are all important factors to consider. Ultimately, the staircase style you choose should compliment your home, typical choices include traditional, contemporary, or a custom design looks. For home owners who are unsure about which style of staircase to install in their homes, it is recommended to consult with a staircase professional. Professionals can […]

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The Aesthetic Appeal of Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade in Stairs

16 July 2019

While balustrades are not new to architecture, there are more material options available today than ever before, such as glass, timber, aluminium, iron, and stainless steel wire balustrade in stairs. Because of the variety of balustrades available, they are being used more often in home remodelling and commercial buildings. As balustrades continue to grow in popularity and use in stairs, of all the material options available, stainless steel wire balustrades are the preferred choice. Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade’s Aesthetic Appeal Of the commonly used material for balustrade, such as timber, aluminium, and glass, stainless steel balustrade is the preferred choice […]

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Modern Handrail Designs that Make Your Staircases Stand Out

02 July 2019

For houses that have more than one floor, staircases are a necessity. In fact, staircases have always been an important part of many structures throughout history. As such, the humble staircase has gone through many phases of evolution, both in form and aesthetics. Centuries ago, even up to modern times, staircases were practical items, but they were also signs of luxury and a means to show off wealth. Depending on the style and material used, a staircase could either be extremely affordable or exceedingly expensive. Nowadays, most staircases, regardless of design, are more affordable and easily incorporated into interior décor. […]

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Design Ideas for Stairs to Match Your Custom Hardwood Floors

19 June 2019

Flooring is an important ingredient for the overall interior design of a home; with hardwood floors being one of the most popular choices. Hardwood flooring has a warm and inviting appeal that people like and appreciate. While custom hardwood floors are the foundation of a home’s overall design, the right type of stairs can highlight flooring even more. The right stairs or staircase should blend into custom hardwood flooring naturally. For example, subtle aspects of timber stairs would take into consideration grain direction, wood contour, textures, and finish colours to match your custom hardwood floors. Below is some useful information […]

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How Hard Wood Newel Posts Can Add Beauty to Your Timber Staircases

03 June 2019

Newel posts haven’t gone out of style just yet. Indeed, they can be quite rare in staircases made of steel, but they are still widely used in modern homes with timber staircases. Most people have this misconception that wood newel posts are nothing more than non-functional pieces. After all, they are specifically designed to support the weight of staircase railing, but they do have great value when it comes to adding beauty to staircases. Spiral staircases tend to have wood newel posts at the centre, as they are winded around it. Non-spiral staircases usually have them at the top and […]

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Enhancing Your Home’s Ambience with Jarrah Timber Staircases

16 May 2019

Staircases are an intrinsic part of the function and aesthetics of many houses. Because of the importance of staircases in the daily lives of people living in homes, it has had many incarnations throughout the centuries, which has resulted in staircases becoming something of an art-form onto themselves. One of the most popular materials for staircase construction is wood, and several types of wood have been used since yesteryear to create different types of staircases with unique aesthetic properties. In spite of the sheer number of wood types that have been employed for staircase construction however, hardwoods have remained the […]

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Home Staircase Upgrade: Know the Do’s and Dont’s

01 May 2019

Staircases are a ubiquitous part of many homes, but not all staircases are made alike. In some prefabricated houses, staircases can lack the quality and durability that one would normally find desirable, if not ideal. In cases like this, upgrading one’s staircase remains the only viable and logical option. If you are considering rebuilding your staircase, whether for aesthetic or practical reasons, or a little bit of both, then here are some do’s and don’ts you ought to consider before undertaking the upgrade: The Do’s: • Do take into account the size of your house – staircases can become problematic […]

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Storage Staircase: An Ideal Design for Smaller Homes

16 April 2019

Small homes are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. They take up less space, have lower building costs, and are more affordable to maintain! On top of these obvious benefits, smaller homes are easier to clean. The question is, how do you design a small house to maximise space? With its extremely limited space, homeowners have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the idea. The problem seems even bigger for two-story homes. You’d have to fit a staircase, some handrails, and maybe even a balustrade in such a small space, right? Typical staircases take up a considerable amount of room, and […]

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Ways to Reduce Slips and Fall-related Accidents in Timber Staircases

02 April 2019

Staircase accidents are not uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be devastating occurrence. In fact, accidents from staircases account for a bulk of bone injuries to toddlers and the elderly. More often than not, it isn’t for a lack of being careful, but more about how a typical staircase is constructed. In a lot of staircase related accidents, people report that they lost footing and ‘slipped.’ Slippery staircases are a nightmare waiting to happen, especially if you are a fan of tile or timber staircases. Thankfully, preventing accidents caused by slippage is quite easy. Some home improvement tips may […]

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