Step Up Your Staircase Design with These Creative Ideas from Planet Stairs

14 October 2021

For some houses, the staircase is one of the main things you see when you enter your home, so you need to ensure it’s excellent to take a gander at. These staircase ideas will fill you with motivation, from painted floors to master stunts for hanging pictures. Regardless of your style, there’s an arrangement on this rundown that is ideally suited for your inclinations and spending plan. For example, while there are a lot of farmhouse-style ideas, you can discover loads of inspiration too. Perhaps the best part about step embellishments is the way a couple of straightforward increments can […]

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Know Your Staircase Design and How It Can Contribute to Your Home’s Overall Aesthetic

29 September 2021

When constructing a house with at least two floors, perhaps the most significant aspects to consider is the situation and style of the staircase. The staircase not only allows individuals to move from one story to the next, but it can also draw consideration and enhances the overall design of a house. Contingent upon the position, it can even be a point of convergence when one enters a home. Parts of a Staircase Most staircases have these basic parts. A stairwell is composed of steps. It might have a landing which is a resting place between flights. Each step comprises […]

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The Importance of Safety When Designing Customised Staircases

14 September 2021

Safe flight of stairs configuration mirrors a familiarity with the risks implied and discovers carefully however unquestionable approaches to limit or dispose of them. Wellbeing ought to be designed into each component of your flight of stairs and here’s the way that is finished. The point of the flight of stairs is controlled by isolating the absolute ascent (distance from one story to another) into two halves of not more than 7 ¾” each. On a non-winding flight of stairs, each track ought to be 11″ profound to take into account agreeable position of any estimated foot. As our minds […]

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What are the Important Elements to Spot in Checking for a High-Quality Staircase?

23 August 2021

Timber staircases don’t just make themselves; an enduring and stunning example of old-world craftsmanship has become the way it is due to a number of integral factors that many homeowners and architects of today sadly overlook. Back in the old days, people, especially artisans, were keener on matters of quality, often opting to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that showcased their skills and innovativeness, rather than opting for low-quality pieces that were basic in its construction. Even in the highly mechanised world of today, the same mind-set holds true – quality will always trump quantity, especially if what you’re after is more […]

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The Basics of Stair Treads and How They Can Improve Your Home’s Visual Appeal

06 August 2021

Stairs are an integral part of any home, although they have a tendency to be somewhat too standardised over the past 30 years, and only very rarely aesthetically pleasing to those with an eye for architecture and interior decorating. Yes, stairs are meant to be practical, at least in the sentiment and sensibilities of most modern homeowners. However, in the good old days, stairs had character and were more than just a practicality, they were a means to display and flaunt the superior, and often quite pricey, artisanal craft of their time. Custom Stair Treads and its Advantages Today Nowadays, […]

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