Spiral Staircase Must Haves: Tips in Installing Spiral Staircases

27 November 2020

When it comes to home décor, people have varied choices and tastes, and that’s more than acceptable. If you are designing or renovating your home, and you have a multi-storied building, then a staircase will come into the discussion, eventually. Spiral staircases have been around a long, long time; since the medieval times, and have inspired much famous architecture, and now it is time that you consider a spiral staircase for you home too. Here are spiral staircases must haves and a few tips in installing spiral staircases. Choose from Various Materials and Enhancements for Your Spiral Staircases A wide […]

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Spring Remodelling Tips: Top Staircase Designs to Consider

09 November 2020

It is vital when you decide to remodel your staircase that you consider a design, plus material that not only is according your desires, but also compliments your home. There are many factors to look at before installing your staircase, such as the structure and design of your home, as these will also influence your options. You will also have to decide upon the material as well as the appeal you require. Do you prefer traditional, contemporary or a more custom look? It is recommended to use the aid of a professional company when considering remodelling. Doing so will give […]

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Going Retro? Things You Need to Know in Installing Vintage Staircases

21 October 2020

When selecting staircase plans for your home, the antique and vintage style stairs may suit your decor in an ideal manner. Stairs that fit into either one of these categories capture the look of a bygone era. You select the time that appeals to your preference and fits your house design. A staircase is an important focal point for the area of the house that it is in, and you should give a great deal of thought to the style of it before you choose the right type for you. If you want a taste of retro design in your […]

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The Importance of Upgrading and Replacing Your Staircase Handrails

13 October 2020

With many homes being built today, we are seeing a lot of double storey homes come up. Even many older homes are being remodelled, and an extra floor is built on top of the existing home. Therefore a staircase will also be required. The staircase becomes part of a home, part of the décor and in many cases, even a focus point in a home. With the advancements made today, we are also seeing many different materials being used as well as designs, strategies and even shapes of staircases that come to light. Types of wood are still most commonly […]

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Kid-Friendly Stair Designs for Your Melbourne Home

28 September 2020

Having kids can be a handful, especially if you are living in a two-story building. Not only are stairs a necessity, but they can be particularly dangerous for a household that has a toddler, or a baby who is still getting acquainted with getting around. It can also be very problematic for a household full of hyperactive pre-adolescents, and even more for a household where one or several children have special needs or have difficulty physically moving about. In an ideal world, to make homes safer for children, everyone two story home would have a lift to take them safely […]

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