5 Useful Benefits of Installing Stainless Steel Handrails in Your Home

14 August 2020

A handrail is a significant segment in the development of a flight of stairs, landing, overhang or whatever other raised region where a boundary is expected to forestall falls. The building guidelines state that you can utilize any material gave it can stop individuals or potentially pets falling. It does as such by resisting power and weight. That implies you could utilize paper as a handrail yet it must have the option to prevent individuals from falling, which it plainly can’t. That is because when somebody inclines toward it, it won’t hold their weight. Wood, glass and stainless steel will, […]

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How to Care for Your Timber Staircases

31 July 2020

Staircases can be made from different materials. Some property owners would like to incorporate glass, acrylic, metal, or concrete on their staircases. Others, however, would choose timber staircases because of their great properties. Timber staircases are known for their durability. The materials used for this type of staircase are strong and can resist damaging elements as long as they are painted, varnished, or waxed regularly. Another great property of staircases made from timber is that they can be cleaned easily. Any dirty marks and spilled liquids on the surface of these staircases can be done right away through mopping or […]

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How Customised Timber Staircases Can Increase Your Home Value

15 July 2020

Staircases are vital for homes that have two or more levels. As they provide a way to go to and access certain areas of a home, these staircases are also capable of enhancing its overall appearance and design. Believe it or not, staircases can have a significant impact on the overall value of a home. They, alone, can significantly increase your home value as long as they are made from the right materials. One material that allows staircases to boost the overall aesthetics and value of a home property is timber. Timber is a type of wood that is processed […]

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Decorative Ideas for Your Stairs

29 June 2020

Homes with more than one level maximise the main purpose and function of having a stairway. Ever since they are invented, stairs have been helping people to go and move from one level to another. However, a lot of property owners do not necessarily count these stairs as part of the overall design aesthetic of their homes. Instead, most of them would just prioritise the addition of decorative elements to certain rooms and living spaces without incorporating and integrating their stairway. Ignoring the design aspect and elements of the stairs can easily create a home environment with inconsistent and broken […]

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Open Rise Staircase Design Creates Light and Open Ambiance

12 June 2020

Staircases are primarily constructed to provide an easy way of moving from one floor or level to another. And just like other areas in your property, the design of your staircases can be modified to somehow enhance and complement the appearance and ambience of your whole living space. A well-crafted and well-planned staircase can even elevate the overall aesthetics of your property. To date, there are a wide variety of designs available for staircases. You can install a solid built-in staircase that has a storage or small room below the stairs. Alternatively, you can suspend a spiral or box from […]

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