Timber Staircase Manufacturing: From Concept to Installation

28 February 2024

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Enhance your home with a stunning design statement by opting for a custom timber staircase. Crafted with expertise, these staircases serve as warm, inviting focal points, adding significant value to your property. In this post, we will explore the manufacturing and installation processes of these bespoke centrepieces, covering material selection to the finished product. Let’s dive in!

The Significance of Timber Staircases in Interior Design

A staircase is so much more than just a functional way to get between floors. It’s a central design feature that makes an impression. Timber brings a timeless, natural warmth that perfectly suits both classic and contemporary homes. Timber stairs make a bold style statement with their sleek lines, decorative balustrades, and luxe finishes. They provide a seamless flow between living areas and make the most of high ceilings and natural light. Quality timber brings durability, strength and loads of character.

Choosing the Right Timber

There’s a vast range of timber species to suit different looks and budgets. Hardwoods like spotted gum, Sydney blue gum or ironbark have beautiful grain patterns and earthy hues. Australian oak and Tasmanian oak are popular choices that are lighter in colour. Kwila and Merbau offer rich reddish-brown tones. Your staircase supplier will advise you on grades, durability, finishes, and maintenance needs to find your perfect timber match. Elements like treads, risers, posts and handrails can use contrasting woods for extra elegance.

The Timber Staircase Manufacturing Process

Constructing a made-to-order timber staircase is an intricate process best left to the experts. Once the design is finalised, timber staircase manufacturing involves:

•  Careful grading and milling of timber

•  Cutting stringers, treads and risers to spec

•  Joining sections together with precision

•  Sanding and finishing with stains, oils or paints

•  Fabricating and installing balustrades, posts and handrails

•  Carrying out quality testing and certification

Skilled staircase makers understand the engineering principles and safety standards required to manufacture sturdy; long-lasting staircases suited to your space.

Installation is Key

Achieving a flawlessly installed timber staircase guarantees its long-term smooth and safe functionality. Expert installers like Planet Stairs take a meticulous approach, assessing the site, organising stair lift access if required, preparing the installation area, lifting and positioning the staircase with care, securely fixing the structure, and conducting thorough adjustments, tests, and fine-tuning. The installation process culminates with the application of final touches, such as capping or mouldings. With our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, our specialists ensure you have a stunning and secure timber staircase that becomes the centrepiece of your home.

If you’re after a jaw-dropping timber staircase in Melbourne, our team at Planet Stairs can make it happen. For over 15 years, we’ve manufactured and installed the finest bespoke staircases across Melbourne. Whether you want contemporary, industrial, traditional or a completely custom design, we’ll bring your vision to life. Invest in the heart of your home with a beautifully crafted timber staircase. Reach out to us today!

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