Year-End Review: Best of 2020’s Staircase Designs

15 December 2020

We are nearing the end of the year and quite frankly, 2020 has presented us with more challenges than any other year in the 21st century combined. Instead of dwelling with this pandemic anxiety, why not take a look at this year-end review of the best of 2020’s staircase designs.

Staircases are something of a home luxury that most houses no longer tend to focus on, or much less even afford to have. These have become something of a luxury lately, relegated to only the most affluent of houses that boast grand and timeless designs, which are well beyond the budget of the average householder today. This may spell disappointment for homeowners who want to experience what it’s like to have a grand staircase that connects their first floor entrance to the second floor.

Victorian Style Staircases

While winding staircases may be the epitome of a ‘classical’ staircase, a more financially viable and readily constructible alternative are Victorian style staircases. Unlike the more detailed and somewhat spacious designs that grand and imperial-style staircases proudly boast, Victorian staircases veer more towards a combination of subtle elegance and full-functionality, making these more than ideal for most modern homes today.

Reminiscing the past with Victorian style staircases is possible and not as expensive as one might think. Actually, these don’t have to be gaudy; in fact, the trademarks of Victorian staircases were their penchant for compactness. Unlike more ornate and extremely expensive stairs that are deemed more ‘ideal’, Victorian style staircases combine the best of aesthetics and function without being too overbearing or out-of-place in most homes these days. Because one of the most obvious benefits of a Victorian staircase is in its compact nature, Victorian stairs are happily finding their way into modest sized homes in Victoria.

Timber Staircases

Timber can provide you with a feeling of warmth. It is durable and also flexible in design. Whatever your selection preferences may be, using experts in this field is always advisable. Choosing the best design for you and also your homes structure, can be a bit scary, although it does not have to be. It is however a big decision to be made and ought not to be taken lightly. Your staircase will become part of your home and will most likely be there for a long time; therefore it has to be done perfect the first time.

Spiral Staircases

If you have checked out some of the spiral staircase designs, then you know how beautiful these can look in your home. From cast iron heavyweight classics to wooden glamour, there is something about them that can add aesthetics to your home’s design theme.

In fact, in comparison to standard staircase designs, spiral staircases take up less space, and not only look good, but these can be extremely elegant. Often, houses with limited space to connect different floors opt for these kinds of staircases. As it is inclined vertically, these spiral types of staircases allow you to literally install them anywhere in your home or business.

Interestingly, there are many ready to fit staircases around that can be installed directly in your home. These spiral staircases are economical, in that they do not take the same amount of construction time to complete that a standard staircase would.


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