21 October 2015

When it comes to choosing the right kind of hardy balustrade material for your home’s needs, you can never go wrong using metal. There are a number of different metal balustrading materials available that you can choose to use, the most popular being wrought iron metal rails. Wrought iron is simply nothing more than one of the most rudimentary forms of iron, and it has been renowned throughout the centuries as a durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance material for the construction of gates, fences, and balustrades.

There are generally three styles of wrought iron stakes for the creation of fences or balustrades, namely: the wrought iron twist balustrade, the round balustrade, and the square bars balustrade.

A Quick Look at Wrought Iron Twist Balustrade, Round Balustrade and Square Bars Balustrade

One of the most popular, if not the most widely known, variety of balustrade material is the wrought iron twist balustrade. Its popularity was chiefly due to its prolific usage from the middle of the 1800s until well into the heyday of the 1920s. It fell out of fashion during wartime; however, it soon garnered a renewed interest, especially among the elite and upper-crust homeowners. This type of wrought iron balustrade is known for its elegant appeal and its signature twisting, ‘serpentine’ trademark which is brought about thanks to careful twisting while the metal itself is still extremely hot and malleable.

The second most popular type of balustrade is the round balustrade, which is basically the primary form of the wrought iron twist. A this type of balustrade is generally used for less fanciful gates and balustrades, but basically functions as more of a complimentary grace-note that allows more intricate metalwork to stand out. They also make for more affordable options in lieu of intricate twist varieties, and are mostly preferred by people who are after good-looking balustrades that will appeal to the eye, but who do not have the compunction to overspend.

The square bars balustrade is perhaps the least popular variety of balustrading types, and yet is known for its far more durable and lasting nature. Long employed chiefly for prison bars, gates and grilles, the square bar balustrade is simple – bordering on rustic, and yet is excellent as a base frame for simple to complex wrought-iron latticework, making it an indispensable ingredient for the more complex examples of wrought-iron artistry.

For more information on how these types of wrought iron balustrading materials can be employed for various structural needs, professional stair installers can help.

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