Wire Balustrades: Reasons Why It Is Ideal for Outdoor Use

13 November 2018

Compared to indoor stairs, outdoor stairs and balustrades need to be not only strong enough to provide firm support, but made of hardy materials that can endure daily exposure to the elements. Standard designs using wood, wrought iron, steel, and stainless steel are the best material choices for outdoor balustrades because they are resistant to environmental exposure. However, stainless steel wire balustrades are considered the best.

The Reasons Why Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades are Perfect for Outdoor Use

There are a few types of materials available to make your outdoor stairs secure as possible, such as wood, wrought iron, steel, and stainless steel. While all of these can provide strong enough support as balustrade, only stainless steel is the most resistant to exposure to the elements, especially when used as wire balustrades, here are some reasons why:

Easy to maintain – with stainless steel balustrades you will only need minimal upkeep, as it is not prone to rust like iron and steel, and, it will not rot like wood. Because of this, the wire stainless steel balustrades on your outdoor stairs will need no repairs or maintenance, other than wiping it down with a wet cloth from time to time.

Modern aesthetic appeal – using stainless steel wire balustrades creates a focal point that brings a sense of elegance and style to your home.

Versatility – stainless steel is compatible with nearly every type of material and design themes, and wire balustrades are just as at home and appealing indoors as they are outdoors.

Unobstructed visibility – unlike most wood balustrades, stainless steel wire balustrades will not obstruct the view around your outdoor stairs. For families with small children and pets, it is important to be able to see a few feet of unobstructed view around stairs, so as to not step or trip on any hidden toys or sleeping animals at the bottom of stairs.

Safety – when it comes to stairs, safety is always a priority. This is why railings and balustrades are so important to provide support if needed when traversing outdoor stairs.

After considering the many benefits of stainless steel wire balustrades for outdoor stairs, it is no wonder why many home owners and commercial properties are choosing to use them.

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