Why Spiral Staircases Work Best with Small Spaces

31 January 2019

Having a small living space can be uncomfortable, but if you want to maximise the little space that you have left, there is something you can consider to free up some room. If you live in a two-storey home and want to maximise all the space that you can, you will no doubt find conventional staircases to be somewhat problematic.

Not only do they take up a significant amount of space with their landing and balustrades, but they can also be difficult to navigate around, especially in confined or restrictive areas. Thankfully, there is a quick solution to this dilemma that doesn’t involve moving to a new home; spiral staircases.

Unlike conventional staircases, spiral staircases are excellent for confined areas for the following reasons:

• Self-supporting – spiral staircases are unique in that the best of them can be constructed as ‘freestanding’ structures, with a central pole whereon all the treads are connected to. All of these are in turn fortified with the addition of railings and balustrades, which are also connected to the primary axis of the structure. This not only allows the staircase to be surprisingly sturdy – it also does away with space-occupying treads and the stereotypical staircase framework.

• Versatile – spiral staircases are versatile enough to be added on just about any area of a two-storey house, even in very small areas. Unlike conventional staircases, they can be set up without the need to take space for framework into account. This drastically reduces the needed space and allows you to maximise what little space you do have left for other purposes, such as storage.

• Long-lasting – because spiral staircases are often freestanding structures, they are made from high quality materials, to very exacting qualifications, this ensures that they remain sturdy and safe to use for decades.

• Aesthetically varied – spiral staircases are aesthetically varied, and can be made from an assortment of different materials. Hardwood, steel, iron, stone, tempered glass, or any combination of these materials can all be employed in the design of spiral staircases, although the mainstay in aesthetics has predominantly been metal or wood.

Modern examples however have recently veered towards glass and metal combinations, giving such staircases a futuristic and minimalist appeal.

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