17 August 2017

When homeowners have limited space in their houses, a staircase can engulf too much of the room it is in if they do not select the right style. If this scenario fits your house, you need to consider the merits of the spiral staircases that are available today. While these still offer an easy way to traverse from one level to the next in your home, they do so in a space-saving, attractive manner just for part of the benefits of installing one in a small residence. For further details on why these staircases are ideal for small spaces, keep reading.

Space-Saving Staircases

While spiral staircases can come in any size, they also can be extremely space-saving in their design. Just by changing the size of the treads, experts can create a tight spiral when the home has limited space. Regardless of the width of spiral that you decide upon for your home, you will still be able to climb up and down this style of staircase with ease.

Aesthetically Pleasant

A staircase in the spiral design is aesthetically pleasant and enhances any room or area that you select to install it in at your house.

Flexibility with Design Options

You can select design options for your spiral staircase that will make it adhere to whatever d├ęcor style is in the rest of your house. When you create an all-timber version, it can be rustic, country or traditional. On the other hand, if you combine the timber treads with stainless steel railings, you will have a modern version.

An Affordable Choice

Since fewer materials are necessary to build the space-saving spiral staircases, they are less expensive than the other types of staircases for your house. Even if you have space for larger versions of staircases, you may opt for spirals for this reason alone, especially when you have a tight budget.

Choose from Various Materials and Enhancements

A wide assortment of materials and enhancements are possible with spiral staircases. Select which ones complement your house style in the best manner. Let your imagination run wild to explore your many options.

For further facts about why spiral staircases are perfect for small spaces, contact Planet Stairs. We specialise in all types of timber staircases, including spiral ones. Our design team will assist you with the planning process to ensure that you select the features, finishes and accessories that will bring about the ideal results for your home. Then, our installation team will carefully insert the staircase in your home in a secure manner.

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