24 March 2015

When it comes to your staircases either inside or out it can say a lot about your home or business. Whether you are building or remodeling Planet Stairs has the best deals on Tasmanian Oak stair cases, handrails and a whole lot more. These are options that can add a touch of traditional or a splash of modernized chic. It is all about you and your style, but one this is for sure; there is something for everyone.

There are several wood options to fit any budget, and they all give you more flexibility in design. They can incorporate steel, wrought iron or even glass and geometric designs. You can get an old favorite included into your home or come up with something completely customized. The choice is yours. There is no pressure at all, but the professionals are there to help you through any step and with any questions should you need them.

Handrails are a very important part of your staircase, and regular maintenance is essential to your and your family’s safety. Having a professional install and maintain your staircase or anything that you may need concerning it is advised for optimal life and the safety of the structure. They an also help you with things like wood and steel, posts, nosing as well as bullnose’s just to name some.

Planet Stairs can turn your old staircase into a work of art with balusters. The twists and turns are quite beautiful, and the actual style dates back centuries. It can look vintage or simply elegant, because the professionals know exactly how to install the perfect design for any décor. It will blend beautifully, and this is a way to literally transform your space adding both value and beauty.

So, keep your staircase and all of the things that make it wonderful, strong and beautiful with the professional care, maintenance or a full instillation from Planet Stairs. Again, staff is available for any suggestions that you may need or questions that you may have. As a matter of fact, you can even add storage solutions to your staircase. The options are endless, even entertainment areas can be built right into the staircase if you want them to be.

The selections available are but are not limited to Victorian Ash, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Mirboo, Tasmanian Oak and Jarrah. You can also choose from pine, MDF,and several other additional hard wood options. Balustrade and handrails can be purchased in several options as well. This is the place for everything that you need for a remarkable staircase. Do not wait to call this highly reputable professional company to get started.

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