15 July 2016

It’s true, staircases are much more than just a platform to connect two floors? Modern day designers pit them as one of the most important architectural features of a home and invest a lot of time and creativity into making them. While there are hundreds of modern staircase designs to look into, you cannot really overlook the traditional ones. They are bold, intriguing and compliment almost any kind of existing structure.

Choosing Traditional Staircases for Modern Homes

What exactly are traditional staircases for modern homes, and how do these fit into a modern home’s surroundings? While there is no hard and fast rule to refer to on the topic, per se, most interior designers consider English style, Victorian, Neoclassicism, and old staircase styles as traditional. Additionally, old Chinese, and Japanese designs, as well as established designs from other parts of the world are also considered ‘traditional’.

These usually consist of mostly wood, however, depending on your home aesthetic choices, utilising a mixer of timber and metal, or even all metal staircases, can mix well with marble or other aesthetically pleasing flooring materials used in the home.

Just to play it on the safe side, when choosing the right staircase for your home, it is always best to consult a company that specialises in timber staircases like Planet Stairs. It’s easy to get the help you need, all you have to do is explain the type of features you are looking for in a new staircase, and then they can design one that meets your expectations.

Once you do decide that a traditional staircase is the best thing for your home décor, it is the time to find experts to install it. If you don’t know where to start looking for a traditional staircase for your modern home, we have a few great ideas here at Planet Stairs to help you. We specialise in not only traditional timber staircases, but also contemporary staircases and balustrade.

Whether it is a renovation project, or a new home build, let us create a staircase for you that will make a statement in your modern home, one that is created using only quality polished timber. Call us today for a free consultation.

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