07 October 2016

When planning your staircase, you can select a number of different ways to accessorise it. One popular method for accomplishing this is through the installation of glass panels along the sides. Panels such as these can reflect light back into the room, provide a modern or contemporary touch to the staircase, add elegance to a traditional staircase, and more. If you are unsure whether or not your particular staircase is right for these types of panels, read our list of ideas in the following information to learn additional facts.

1. Use Glass Panels With Narrow Staircases

To create a more spacious feeling, add glass panels on the sides of narrow staircases. This creates an illusion of space in comparison to wooden or metal posts and bars that both tend to close in the area rather than open it up visually. Of course, you can install the panels on any width of staircase, but you will notice their benefits on the narrow ones immediately.

2. Glass Panels Complement a Modern or Contemporary Style

If your staircase is contemporary or modern in design, glass panels are the ideal enhancement in keeping with either of these design styles. Accessorise the staircase even further with stainless steel railings to complete the entire look.

3. Combine Glass Panels With Timber Elements for a Traditional Staircase

Even though panels of glass adhere to the contemporary and modern styles, they also complement traditional staircases when you combine them with timber railings, bars and posts. Frosted glass in place of clear will lend a special elegance that belongs with the traditional style if you prefer the appearance of it.

4. Panels of Glass Provide an Attractive Touch to Outdoor Staircases

No longer are panels of glass just for indoor use with staircases. With toughened glass, you receive the necessary durability for outdoor placement of these panels on your entryway or deck staircase.

5. Turn to These Panels to Enhance the Staircases in Office Buildings

Install glass panels on the sides of commercial staircases in an office building to obtain an attractive, business ambiance in the area. In addition, the panels are easy to maintain, clean and replace when necessary.

Learn additional information about staircases and when to use glass panels as accessories from Planet Stairs. We are experts with all styles, shapes and sizes of staircases. Our company not only designs, constructs and installs staircases, but we also accessorise them in the ideal manner for your home or commercial establishment.

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