21 November 2014

Is your staircase the first thing guests see when they walk into your home?

Did you know a well-designed staircase can make a great first impression!

  • Is your staircase your homes best feature?
  • Does it portray your style and elegance?
  • Do you know what a timber staircase can say to your guests?

Timber staircases are fantastic for any home!

Timber can provide you with a feeling of warmth. It is durable and also flexible in design. Whatever your selection preferences may be, using experts in this field is always advisable. Choosing the best design for you and also your homes structure, can be a bit scary, although it does not have to be. It is however a big decision to be made and ought not to be taken lightly. Your staircase will become part of your home and will most likely be there for a long time; therefore it has to be done perfect the first time.

So, why use timber? Timber can be used in old traditional homes, as well as right through to modern elegant homes for staircases, and still provide the desired effect. There is a great selection of timber to choose from, such as ash, jarrah, pine, mirboo, spotted gum and also blackbutt, to name but a few. Choose your design and have your staircase made from a timber of your choice, add some glass or aluminium for some unique variations. Your options are only limited to your own creativeness.

Have your staircase made from timber according to your style!

The type of timber used will also depend on many other factors, like your homes flooring, as it will need to fit in and not stand out completely like a sore thumb. Ideally the timber used will add to your homes appeal while giving it a more glorious look. Your budget will also have an influence on the timber used for your staircase as some may be more affordable than others. Talk to the experts in this field of business, and find out what options you have available before making it final.

You can still add your own style to the stairs whether you use Victorian Ash or Pine. Pine is also extremely popular to use as stairs due to its durability as well as being cost effective. It can also be painted or even stained to give an alternative appeal. Oak is also being used as a preferred option to many other materials. Its stunning grain and colour makes it quite popular, and it will last a life time while adding a true traditional look.

Your timber stairs can be your homes masterpiece!

Using the aid of a professional company will allow you to build your stairs according to your need and style with ease. They can aid you in choosing the best timber to use, the design of your masterpiece as well as erecting it according to building codes. Giving you the look you require, so talk to Planet Stairs today and get your staircase installed as soon as possible.

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