What Makes Timber an Ideal Material for Your Staircase Steps and Treads?

06 December 2021

One of the advantages of using timber as a material for your home is its beautiful appearance. It gives your home a natural and relaxing ambience. Take, for example, timber staircases; they bring nature and the outdoors into your living space. Timber staircases are strong and durable. They emphasise the wood’s natural beauty. Timber staircases will add elegance and classiness to residential and commercial buildings where they are used.

Staircases can be the focal point of your home, and having one made from timber will give it the magnificence of presence that no other material can. Timber staircases are crafted to complement both old and new homes. They can be the classic, old-worldly design or the minimalist modern one. From the simplicity of a straight staircase to the spiralling elegance of a winding staircase, highly skilled staff from the dedicated team of Planet Stairs can provide you with what you want.

Aside from its aesthetic value and visual magnificence, timber staircases have more practical benefits. For one, timber structures will last. And as years go by, they become more beautiful. When installed with the correct treatment, the beauty and functionality of timber staircases will withstand the passage of time. Timber staircases are a unique approach and design for your home.

Timber Steps – Out with the Old, In with the New

There are countless homes in Australia that display stunning woodwork. Some homes and buildings built from hardwood are a testament to the quality of Australian timber. And the superior craftsmanship of woodworkers of the past and present. Many historical buildings and Victorian styled homes still stand proudly today. However, upkeeping these is necessary to ensure that they continue to last for future generations to appreciate.

You don’t need to own a vintage wooden home or building to benefit from timber steps. In fact, by installing quality Australian timber steps for your outdoor stairs, you can bring a little vintage flair to your home that your family and guests will appreciate. For example, if you have a wooden deck or porch, then timber steps make sense. Most folks don’t realise that there are a few timber stair designs that can fit any motif or decor theme. Such as traditional wooden stairs and staircases, contemporary timber stairs, and custom made timber steps.

A Timber Staircase – Why it is the Best Choice for Your Home

Most people hesitate when investing in timber staircases because it is either too expensive, too high-maintenance, or just too difficult to install. Contrary to these beliefs, timber staircases, especially varieties called open staircases, are easily installed, affordable, and durable. One of the ideal options for modern homes, the open staircase, has the additional benefit of not needing a balustrade, which makes for a marginally cheaper and decidedly easier-to-install fixture than most other staircase options.

While some people may argue that open staircases may not be the safest option available, one should always consider the basic pros and cons of any home-improvement decision before installation. While open stairs are not the best choice for people with very small children, it is an ideal way to beautify a summer home or a vacation loft.

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