09 December 2014

Does your home have a staircase?

Do they have balustrade railings?

What is a balustrade railing?

Well, let see! Most traditional staircases use to have these, although many of our modern staircases do not, or they have ones that are no longer plain and simple as they use to be. The balustrade is the upright found on your staircase, holding the top rail in position. It was usually made of wood or stone, placed on the bottom footing and went all the way straight up to the handrail as support. These days they can be made of metal, wood, stone or even in some cases glass, as they are not always required to support the railing section anymore.

We find they can also be molded into many different shapes, forming a range of patterns and contours. No longer are we subjected to having them made in only one form. Even plastic could be used for balustrades. With advancements seen in all fields of technology, we now also see more regular fancy fretwork and detail added to staircases.

Floral motives even dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans have been noted on balusters.

The balusters can change an old staircase into a modern work of art. Turns and twists in these were seen already as far back as the 1700’s, where oak was used to construct the balusters. With hand railings now being mounted to the walls within homes, it leaves the balusters to be transformed into creative décor.

Even if your staircase heads up against a wall, one could still apply an elegant setting of baluster looking railings mounted to the wall. These balusters are usually placed a specific distance from each other, right throughout the length of the staircase. You could place less balusters, but it would ultimately aid in them losing their visual appeal.

However if your staircase is running along a wall, or the main posts are made stronger, you could completely leave out the balusters.

The options are on the end of the day yours to make. You can go with a more traditional look, a modern design or no balusters at all. Turn your staircase into a piece of stunning awe, and it could benefit in giving your home a more proficient look. Use glass, or steel, any kind of metal that suits your desires and provide your home with an elegant stylishness.

Have your entire staircase re-designed, fit a new look and make an impact.

For twists and turns, like you have never seen, or for a warm natural look, use timber as your preferred selection for balusters. Talk to professional in this field of service. Get expert assistance and see your home come alive once again.

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Their friendly staff will help you in making the correct selection, complimenting your homes natural panache. Find out what your options are, find a style that is perfect for you. When it comes to staircases and all their individual parts, Planet Stairs has the required knowledge to assist you.

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