Ways to Reduce Slips and Fall-related Accidents in Timber Staircases

02 April 2019

Staircase accidents are not uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be devastating occurrence. In fact, accidents from staircases account for a bulk of bone injuries to toddlers and the elderly. More often than not, it isn’t for a lack of being careful, but more about how a typical staircase is constructed.

In a lot of staircase related accidents, people report that they lost footing and ‘slipped.’ Slippery staircases are a nightmare waiting to happen, especially if you are a fan of tile or timber staircases. Thankfully, preventing accidents caused by slippage is quite easy.

Some home improvement tips may suggest a total overhaul of a problematic staircase, but that isn’t really necessary and will prove to be costlier. There are simple, foolproof, and affordable solutions that can increase the safety of your timber staircases without the need for a complete overhaul.

Consider the following solutions to prevent accidents on your timber staircase:

• Carpeting – carpets create traction which prevents accidental slips. Carpeting your staircase is not only an excellent way to prevent fall-related accidents, but it also doubles as a very classy way of beautifying your timber staircase. If you want to hit three birds with one stone, carpeting even spares you the chore of having to polish your staircase regularly. Installing carpets on your staircase is also easily done and quite affordable.

• Adhesive treads – if you want to keep a traditional timber staircase, just to show off the impressive grain or the high polish, carpeting might not be for you. Thankfully, there are adhesive treads that you can install with relative ease. These are put on every edge of each step to add extra traction and to prevent slippage. While some treads can be permanently installed into your staircase, adhesive ones are an easily accessible and cheaper alternative.

Both have their pros and cons, but although adhesives are only a temporary solution, they do hold up very well and provide the same advantages as permanent staircase treads.

• Non-stick finishes – some staircases can be prepped with non-stick finishes that will help create traction. These are applied in very much the same way that paint or varnish are and need to be allowed to dry. It will create a slightly textured surface that improves grip and prevents slippage.

Whichever of these solutions you choose to opt for, you can always find any custom stair-related solution or modification at Planet Stairs.

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