Understanding the Importance of AS 1657 in Stair Design

20 January 2023

Any homeowner’s primary concern is always safety. One of the most significant safety risks to be aware of is stair safety. Poor visibility and design can increase the danger of tripping, slipping, or falling, which accounts for over 60% of accidents in Australia. Even yet, you can do many things to stop them. People can be significantly secure by using better design, materials, and attention to detail. If your stairs, walkways, or fixed platforms do not adhere to AS1657 stairs, they could be a trip hazard. To provide you peace of mind and guarantee safety in your house, Planet Stairs manufactures and instals all of its stairs using only high-quality materials and a modern machine to produce accurate and high-quality finishes.

Our professionals and experts can design, make, and install your stairs to meet AS1657 standards. To increase safety, we also provide a variety of platforms and balustrades, which you can either order directly or customise to fit your specific application.

AS1657 Design Elements for Stair Safety

Stair treads must be non-slip and span the entire width of the stairwell to prevent accidents in your home. With the help of good lighting, it should be possible to see the edge of each tread against the background. The minimum width for stairways is 600 mm, measured between the margins of the safety railings, and the pitch angle must be at least 26.5 mm, or it will be considered a ladder, and it must not be greater than 45 mm. Last but not least, to be deemed safe for use and avoid creating a trip hazard, all risers and all goings must adhere to the appropriate standards. A riser must be between 130 and 225 millimetres in height. The going must be between 215 and 355 millimetres in height.

AS1657 Used in Contemporary Design

• Open Risers – Open riser stairs are particularly popular due to their transparency and adaptability. More natural light can enter the lowest levels of your property thanks to open treads. But there are a few risk factors to consider, like tread gaps and railings.

• Transparent Stairs – Transparent stairs and railings are another minimalist and contemporary stair design. These have a modern sophistication and more light because they are composed of elegant materials like glass. Glass, though, can be slippery. Adding non-slip stair treads is an excellent way to stay compliant and prevent slipping. Making sure the edge of each tread can be seen against the background helps with stair navigation when there is sufficient lighting and contrast in the stairway.

With us, you can rest assured that all our projects are following the AS1657 standards. Planet Stairs is a reputable company that manufactures and install affordable, quality internal and external timber staircases, handrails, and balustrades for new homes, home renovations, and commercial properties. We are located at 1/13 Katherine Drive, Ravenhall, VIC 3023. You can call us through our office phone at (03) 9360 4692 or mobile at 0413 378 773 or fill out and submit your requests via our Enquiry Form.

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