Understand the Pros and Cons of Glass Balustrades

08 April 2022

No one can deny the beauty of glass and its ability to give the home a fresh, modern look. A glass balustrade provides an unrestricted view of the architecture. They are beautiful, but many people have concerns over their practicality as a structural component of the building.


Pros of Glass Balustrades

The first pro of a glass balustrade is the beauty and style that it provides to the interior. Glass balustrades allow light into the space and make it look larger. They can help provide better lighting when using the stairs. Because glass balustrades are solid and do not leave any spaces in between, it reduces the possibility of losing or breaking objects that fall over the edge.

They are easy to maintain and only require a quick cleaning with a glass cleaner to keep them looking perfect. Other than that, they are maintenance-free and will look beautiful for many years. Depending on the frame, you might need to do some routine maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Glass balustrades allow sound to bounce off them, which can create a quieter space inside. In an area where you wish to add more light, a glass balustrade will help you take advantage of the natural light in the space. When used in an outdoor space, they can also help protect the area from wind.


Cons of Glass Balustrades

One of the few disadvantages of glass balustrades is that they are more expensive than other options. They are more expensive initially, but the additional beauty that they add to the home can increase its value. They are also long-lasting and will not need to be replaced for many years down the road.

Another con of glass balustrades is that in some cases, they could cause extra heating in the room. Depending on the circumstances, this could make the space warmer during the summer months. This is a factor you need to consider if the area will receive a lot of light during the day. Some panels can be tinted to protect against UV rays to help alleviate this problem.


Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

Safety is one of the key concerns that many people have when it comes to a glass balustrade. This is especially true for those who have pets and small children. The glass that is used to make them is extra thick and toughened. They are extremely difficult to break.

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