Types of Wood for Staircases that are Actually Termite Proof

26 February 2019

If you are getting ready to remodel your staircase, there are a few factors to consider before finalising your plans. For example, the design and structure of your home should influence the type of staircase you will choose, such as a traditional or contemporary look.

Timber staircases are the most common type for residential homes, for a variety of reasons. Timber provides a natural feeling of warmth, which is why interior designers utilise timber whenever possible. It is also a very durable and flexible material that can effortlessly fit into nearly any home design plan. Tiber is also long-lasting and a new staircase you install will likely remain there for as long as you own your home.

Whether you own an older house or a new home, a timber staircase is a fantastic addition that will add value to your property. Another consideration when planning for a new staircase is the type of wood to use. Did you know that the type of wood you choose can actually help termite proof your staircase? It’s true, there are certain types of wood that are resistant to termites.

Termite Proof Your Staircase with Certain Types of Wood

While wood is a natural and aesthetically appealing material that can enhance your home, there is one main drawback – termites. These small insects consume wood, and many old and new staircases have fallen victim to their presence. However, by choosing certain types of wood for your staircase, you can keep termites away.

Below are some of the types of wood you can use to termite proof your new staircase:

Blackbutt – this is one of Australia most well-known hardwoods, it is not only resistant to termite infestation, but it is also so dense that it is fire resistant too. A perfect choice of wood for your new staircase.

– another hardwood that is native to Australia is Mirboo wood, it is often used for decking because it is resistant to decay and to termites, but makes for an excellent choice of wood for staircases.

Spotted Gum – this is a hardwood that is often used for flooring because it is highly durable, resistant to weathering and warping, and also because it is termite resistant. It is also a perfect choice for making staircases.

These are just a few of the hardwoods available in Victoria that are termite resistant and ideal for use in making staircases for homes. You can learn more about staircase design, and the types of timber available that are termite resistant, here at Planet Stairs.

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