04 December 2017

When you are putting together your dream home, how much attention do you pay to the handrails or balustrades within it? For classic European homes or at least those inspired by the fashion, properly adorning your stairs with high-quality and visually appealing handrails can be a real difference-maker. So, whether you are looking at putting a balustrade around your balcony or a handrail around your spiral staircase, there is a certain approach you should take — particularly in homos of the classic European variety. Let’s leap into a mini-guide that can help lead you to make the right choice.

Balustrades and Handrails

Today, we are going to focus our conversation on classic European homes as well as buildings that were inspired by the style. With classic European house designs, you are going to have an aesthetic appeal that reminds you of the old-country more than modern architecture. That means that you will likely be stepping away from stainless steel and glass as you search for a more classical feeling. Using this as our guidepost, we can immediately point to a few balustrade and handrail options that would fit right in with the design. Let’s break down the decision-making process into

Materials – When you start searching for the perfect handrail or balustrade, you have to make a decision regarding materials. While many people love the modern look of stainless steel, we find that classic timber makes for a better match with the classic European style. Once you settle on wood for your material, you can start getting into specifics. Do you want to go with Spotted Gum timber? What about Victorian Ash? Both options make for a great addition to the classically inspired European home.

Design – Now that you’ve decided on the material of your handrails or balustrade, you need to focus on the design. Picking your design aesthetic for your handrails or balustrades will mean taking into account the staircase or balcony that you already have installed. Are your stairs curved? Spiraled? Is the balcony large with a big overhang? Traditionally, classic European homes had tight designs that didn’t make a big footprint on the floor plan of the home.

Theme – Alright, we’ve established that we want to use wood for our handrails and balustrades. We’ve even decided that we like Victorian Ash. What’s next in our decision-making process? Well, fortunately for you: nothing! As you are sticking to the European theme, your job ends here!

At Planet Stairs, we understand that your home means a lot to you. Leave the handrails and balustrades up to us and we’ll let you stick to dreaming up the design.

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