18 January 2018

If you have an older home with traditional timber staircases, they provide an excellent opportunity for installing under storage cabinets. Especially if your house is Victorian or Edwardian style with handsome, all hardwood stairs with closed backs and sturdy, carved balustrade, the geometric symmetry of the traditional design offers ideal space for cupboards, cabinets and shelving underneath. Whether your stairs are constructed of Victorian Ash, Spotted Gum, Tasmanian Oak or Mirboo, the addition of attractive, beautifully grained timber storage units beneath the rising staircase will enhance the interior elegance of your home while accentuating the charm and period fashion statement of your home’s original architectural design with lasting allure.

Types and Styles of Attractive Under Staircase Storage Units

Appealing and practical varieties of under staircase storage units that will enhance your home’s overall interior design while aligning with its period style and decor include the following:

  • Victorian Ash Cabinetry. – Cabinets of smooth, lightly polished Victorian Ash will complement a staircase made of the same or other popular hardwoods frequently used for interior home construction in Australia. Although quite strong and durable, the soft hues and subtle visual appeal of this type of timber enable it to lend itself well to blending with or accenting other hardwoods of more rugged or pronounced grain and surface texture. These under-staircase cabinets are practical as space savers conveniently tucked away behind and beneath your home’s stairways. At the same time, they reinforce your home’s original traditional decor and overall design.
  • Tasmanian Oak Cupboards. – These stately storage units underneath the tall, impressive stairway near your home’s entrance or leading to the upper floors of your house from the living room, kitchen or entertainment area often display beautifully grained doors. Usually taller than cabinets, these cupboards require taller doors, which gives skilled woodcraft experts the option of selecting timber with light, graceful surface texturing or more rugged, deeply-set grains to mirror or contrast with the surfaces of the original planking of the staircase.
  • Mirboo Shelving. – The rich auburn and cocoa shades of this hardwood can add warmth and vitality to your storage shelving underneath your traditional home staircases. The depth of color and soft surface luster of this variety of timber are long-lasting, lending character and charm to nearby furniture and accessories in your home’s interior spaces. You may choose to install closed or open-door shelving, according to your space requirements and visual preferences. Shelves with handsome hinged doors are best for storing extra china, linens, books or today’s digital equipment, while open shelving can be ideal for placing attractive glassware, ceramic vases and other decorative items that brighten and accent your home’s decor.

By contacting the expert designers and woodcraft professionals at Planet Stairs, located in Airport West, Victoria, you will receive excellent consultation, advice, plans and craftsmanship for the construction and installation of your traditional under storage cabinets. Whether you home’s architecture and interior design is Victorian, Edwardian or another traditional style, these cabinets, cupboards and shelving units beneath your beautifully built timber stairways will bring added convenience, elegance and character to your home’s overall interior decor.

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