29 February 2016

Staircases are commonly thought of as a thing of the past – something grand and lavish that can no longer exist in the more ‘practical’ and definitely more utilitarian modern world. Still, there is an undeniable beauty to staircases that simply cannot be forgone, if one has the budget, the aptitude, and the proper setting for one.

Featuring staircases in your home isn’t as difficult as it was originally set out to be. In the old days, staircases were grand affairs that were often custom-made from only the finest of materials, and constructed by the most skilled artisans of the time.

Modern innovations have since done away with the need for a lot of the manual work involved in designing staircases, and there are even standard templates for most established staircase designs. Not only has this drastically made staircases more accessible to the general public, prior to the modern age staircases of any note were usually exclusive to the ‘privileged’, it also made them invariably cheaper and easier to construct.

Later, further innovations have even allowed for the creation of staircase ‘kits’, these come with pre-packaged instructions on how to assemble and install them. However, these sadly lack any degree of true structural integrity. So, if you’re considering having a staircase installed, and you are looking for a reliable manufacturer and installer of staircases, then seek out a company who still places a lot of stock in old-fashioned artisanal skills.

Here are some quick tips on picking a reliable staircase manufacturer and installer:

Professional Tools – the right staircase installer should always have the proper tools for the job. Anything less simply means they’re unprofessional, and uncaring about the quality of work that they produce.

Exceptional Skills – when dealing with hardwood, contemporary staircases or traditional staircases, then you need more than just the proper tools of the trade. You need skill, so opt for artisans with both old-world skill and new-world innovation, to guarantee only the best possible results for your staircase.

Quality Materials – any decent staircase installer should be able to cue you in on the best staircase materials available, and in such a way that they fit the materials to suit your needs, and your budget.

If you’re looking for the best staircase manufacturer and installer for your home renovation project, or for commercial properties, then let us help you here, at Planet Stairs.

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