16 November 2016

Since the characteristics of hardwoods vary between the different species available today, it is important to consider which one is ideal for your specific staircase. For example, while certain hardwoods are suitable for exterior staircases, others fail to produce favourable results and should only be included in interior staircases. Location of the stairs, durability of the hardwood and the type of finish you will apply all play into this decision. To further education on this topic, we offer additional information in the facts that follow.

Location of the Staircase

One consideration is the location of the staircase since certain species are more weather and insect resistant that other ones are for this use. Think about the following types of hardwoods when you are commissioning an exterior staircase:

  • Blackbutt is one of Australia’s native woods that is resistant to fire and termite infestation. You can polish, paint or stain this timber depending upon the look you are trying to achieve with your stairs.
  • Merbau is another native wood from this country that is resistant to decay and termites. Often, it is used for decking, but it also creates attractive, durable outdoor staircases.

Durability Is an Important Factor in Your Decision

Durability always is a factor since staircases receive a great deal of foot traffic over the years. Most hardwoods last over time under normal conditions and will endure re-sanding and refinishing when necessary. Jarrah, American oak, Victorian Ash and spotted gum are other durable hardwoods along with the ones in the previous section.

Type of Finish Is the Final Consideration

The other consideration for choosing the best hardwood for your staircase is whether you are going to stain, paint or carpet your stairs. When carpeting your stairs, you may consider recycled timber or radiata pine since they are less expensive than the higher priced American oak or Jarrah in most cases. Jarrah is such a rich brown shade that you may prefer this when you wish to show off the wood grain with a clear stain. Spotted gum ranges from pink to a greyish-blue and can accept shades of stain to change its natural coloring. American oak, Victorian ash and Kauri pine are ideal for painted finishes, but they are not the only hardwoods that are paintable.

For further guidance on choosing the best hardwood for your staircase, consult with Planet Stairs. We offer a wide variety of hardwoods that are ideal for painting, staining or carpeting depending upon your preferences. Our company specialises in timber staircases and delivers only quality results.

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