21 August 2015

Why consider timber steps for your outdoor stairs? There are countless reasons why homeowners should consider installing timber steps around their homes, mainly because of their timeless appeal. There is something special about wooded steps such as timber porch steps; these have a homeliness appeal to them, one that evokes a familiar welcoming feeling as you use them. Quality timber stairs can last generations, but even these can get worn and eventually need to be replaced, which is another good reason why replacing them with new timber steps is a good idea.

Timber Steps – Out with the Old, In with the New

There are countless homes in Australia that display amazing wood work. Some homes and buildings built from hardwood are a testament to the quality of Australian timber and the superior craftsmanship of woodworkers of the past and present. Many historical buildings and Victorian styled homes still stand proudly today, however, up keeping these is necessary to ensure that they continue to last for future generations to appreciate.

You don’t need to own a vintage wooden home or building to benefit from timber steps. In fact, by installing quality Australian timber steps for your outdoor stairs, you can bring a little vintage flair to your home that your family and guests will appreciate. For example, if you have a wooden deck or porch, then timber steps just makes sense. Most folks don’t realise that there are a few choices of timber stair designs that can fit any motif or decor theme, such as traditional wooden stairs and staircases, contemporary timber stairs and custom made timber steps.

Uses for Outdoor Timber Steps

Basically, steps are used to access an elevated room or space. For some buildings and homes that offer rental units such as offices and flats, constructing outdoor timber stairs to access these areas, while at the same time removing indoor staircases, can create more useable space and allows for private entry. Another good example is homes that have undergone kitchen renovations. By adding a back door to your kitchen, and then installing timber steps that lead outside to your garden area is another great use of timber stairs.

If you are interested in timber steps for outside use around your home, then you will be glad to know that there is a professional company that specialises in timber staircases and timber steps. Welcome to Planet Stairs, a company specialising in all types of timber staircases, such as traditional wood staircases and steps, contemporary staircases and balustrade designs.

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