09 May 2017

Timber staircases have always been a paragon of largesse and stately elegance. Often depicted in various mediums as the standard sight in any manor or castle, staircases aren’t as ‘rich’ as they’re made out to be. In fact, timber staircases are effectively used in all types of homes and come in a wide assortment of styles that range from the simple and rustic, to the ornate and elegant.

Staircases don’t just belong in large manses, but can be found in even the most simple of homes to this day – with the sole requirement being that you’d need a second level, and quite possibly even a third, to have one installed. But solid timber staircases aren’t the only sort of aesthetic that one can settle for, especially since our modern times have made home décor materials far more affordable and readily available than they have been in the past.

With the sheer bulk of pre-fabricated, customised, and ready-to-install home décor solutions out on the market today, even the most humble of abodes can be dressed up like a palace, for a fraction of the cost of a real one! So, if you’re looking to spiffy up your home, but find that solid timber staircases are too boring and you think that metal is too cold for your tastes, why not add a touch of finesse to your home staircase by opting for glass balustrades on your timber stairs?

Glass and timber may sound like an odd combination, but glass balustrades are a surprisingly graceful alternative to the standard timber or wrought iron ones. Not only do these provide the illusion of space, but they likewise create the feeling of a ‘free-standing’ staircase that is nothing but stairs and railings – an excellent eye trick, for those looking to impress their guests.

It also doesn’t hurt that the combination of pristine but clinical glass compliments the more solid, dark, and grounded presence of timber. This play in contrasts ensures that your staircase won’t just be a functional feature of your house, but a standalone conversational piece in its own right.

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