30 June 2017

Timber staircases are one of the finest and most timeless features that can added to any home. Simplistic at its core and regal in its bearing, timber staircases have always exuded an old-world grace and charm that has remained appealing and highly sought-after, to this very day. If you are one of the lucky individuals who has ever had the privilege of having a home with timber staircases, then you will know exactly how majestic these can look.

Still, time wears things down, and timber is no exception to the ravages of time and human carelessness. There are a large number of timber staircases out there in the world that are no longer appealing due to ill-maintenance and lack of repair, and this takes away a large part of its charm and appeal. Antique staircases that show the passage of time can still boast of a luxurious lustre that can be quaint and charming, but battered timber staircases, no matter how new or old they are, can be hard to look at.

Thankfully, there are ways to restore beaten-down timber staircases which entails the most basic and convenient solution, sanding.

Tips on Proper Sanding and Restoration for Timber Staircases

In technical wood-working terms, sanding can mean two distinct things – light, surface buffing, and deep, thorough sanding. Both methods can be applied to a battered timber staircase, largely depending on the damage or wear that it shows. However, pitted, deeply scarred, and dinged staircases may require thorough sanding and extensive restoration before it can again shine with its former glory.

If this is the case, it is advised to hire staircase professionals to properly restore them, especially if a staircase is an antique or made from highly prized hardwood, then the utmost care and attention to its proper restoration is a must. Unless one has experience in wood restoration, making an attempt to sand and restore your own timber staircase is not advised.

However, it must be noted that not all staircases are worth restoring, and a decision to have a new timber staircase installed must be made. For further guidance and tips on proper sanding and restoration of your timber staircase, or to learn more about new timber staircase designs, feel free to consult with Planet Stairs at your earliest convenience.

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