03 June 2015

One of the greatest advantages of using timber as a material for your home is its beautiful appearance. It gives your home a natural and relaxing ambience. Take for example, timber staircases; they bring nature and the outdoors into your living space. Timber staircases are strong and durable and are sheathed in wood’s natural beauty. Timber staircases will add elegance and classiness to residential and commercial buildings where these are installed.

Staircases can be the focal point of your home, and having one made from timber will give it a magnificence of presence that no other material can. Timber staircases are individually crafted to compliment both old and new homes. They can be the classic, old-worldly design or the minimalist modern one. From the simplicity of a straight staircase to the spiraling elegance of a winding staircase, highly skilled tradesmen from the dedicated team of Planet Stairs can provide you with exactly what you want.

Aside from its aesthetic value and visual magnificence, timber staircases have more practical benefits. For one, timber structures are made to last, and as years go by, they become more beautiful. When installed properly and with the correct treatment, the beauty and functionality of timber staircases will withstand the passage of time. Timber staircases are truly a unique approach and design for your home.

Benefits of Timber Staircases

Timber is also safer and softer than concrete, and there is less likelihood of breaking when anything is dropped on them. Also, falling accidents are less serious on timber staircase, which is a concern when there are children living in a house. Concrete can give that overly functional and brutal ambience in a structure which most homeowners do not wish for their homes. What most homeowners really want is a place where they can be safe, relaxed and happy in a home that is appealing.

Timber staircases add value to your home, and will give it a unique advantage if you ever decide to sell your property. A timber staircase has an appeal and the ability to blend seamlessly into many home environments, while other materials such as steel are more suited to industrial settings.

Professional Staircase Installers Melbourne

At Planet Stairs, they can create a distinctive mixture of timber, iron and steel to suit any home’s decor or theme. This small family owned business knows how to design unique timber staircases that perfectly suits the look and feel you want. They can help you from choosing the best timber for your stairs and the perfect material for your balustrades and handrails. The goal is to make the installation of your timber staircase as enjoyable as possible. More importantly, they will do it within your budget and on schedule. For more information, please visit:

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