Timber Staircases from Planet Stairs: Choose the Right One for Your Home

10 January 2023

You may consider the materials to utilise when choosing a new staircase for your home. And at Planet Stairs, we think a straightforward timber staircase is a great option. Timber stairs are aesthetically attractive, strong, adaptable, and still highly popular. Additionally, you can include timber handrails, posts, and balustrades based on your style and overall design. There is a large selection of timber available for stair designs. Which type of timber do you prefer—lighter or darker? Do you enjoy seeing textures, grains, and other natural details? Looking for something more reliable and long-lasting?

We’ve listed all of our favourite varieties of timber in this post so you can get an idea of what makes them unique and whether they’re a good fit for your staircase design.

Pine and MDF

Both pine and MDF are excellent softwood options for creating bases or for painted treads and risers. Both materials are economical options that function effectively if you intend to paint or carpet your staircase. However, we recommend using a pine rise and pine tread if you are painting the staircase. Just be aware of the carpet wear and tear over the life of the staircase, as it will see a lot of foot traffic.


Maple, the softest timber in the hardwood family, is another reasonably priced option for stair treads. It is incredibly adaptable and tolerates lime-washing and stains nicely.

Tasmanian Oak

Three Eucalyptus species with origins in Tasmania are combined to create Tasmanian Oak, a lighter-coloured timber with a beautiful finish. It takes stains well, making it the ideal option for individuals who want to complement other timber in their homes. Tassie Oak and Victorian Ash, which we discuss later, are also extremely similar.

Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash, often referred to as Alpine and Mountain Ash is a hardwood timber native to Victoria’s hilly regions. Victorian ash is typically more uniform in colour, has a straighter grain pattern, and is appropriate for all staircase components.

Black Butt

Blackbutt is a robust, classic-looking hardwood that can range in colour from warmer yellows to lighter browns with probable pink undertones. Blackbutt is known for its distinctive visible gum grains and is normally straight-grained. All stairway components can use it because of its extreme durability.

American Oak

If you’re searching for something a little more luxurious, American Oak, a hardwood from the USA that was introduced to Australia, is the best option. There can be variations between lighter and darker browns in American Oak’s colouring. It blends beautifully into an engineered floor and has a very deep colour and durability.

Spotted Gum

The gorgeous native Australian hardwood known as “spotted gum” is renowned for its extreme durability and wide range of colours, which range from a lighter shade of brown to a deep dark brown with a reddish tint. It is suited for all types of stair components in terms of usage, but it is a more expensive and superior alternative. External staircases can also use it.

We at Planet Stairs enjoy turning our customers’ stairway designs into reality. Check out our services and contact us immediately if you’re motivated to install your own timber stairs. Our team of timber experts is here to help.

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