Things You Need to Know about Installing Stairs for your New Custom Home

23 March 2020

When planning your new custom home and making selections, most homeowners don’t know how their stairs can impact the overall style of their home. On one hand, stairs can be functional, but on the other hand, a staircase is an item that can create the right transition between two areas in your home. Plus, it can contribute to that specific style that you are dreaming of for your new custom home. In fact, your stairs can become the centerpiece of your home and they can also increase its value. Below are things you need to know about installing stairs for your new custom home.

Know the Lingo

If you have never selected stairs before, or you are not sure about all the components you need to select for your stairs, learning the language or lingo can be useful to define the right kind of stairs for your new home. First, the rise refers to the height of the staircase and the risers are the vertical part of the stairs. The treads are the horizontal parts in which we place our feet and the stringers are the pieces that support the treads and risers on the stair. Treads can be straight or convex, open or closed.

Kinds of Stairs

There are many kinds of options to add to your custom home. For example, you can choose mono stringer or floating stairs which provide an open feel in the room. Whereas a curved staircase can add sophistication and a luxurious feel. Open riser stairs offer a clear view and a lighter appearance and spiral stairs are excellent to accent both your interiors and exteriors.


Ask your custom home builder for guidance while selecting your stairs so that you can match it with your custom home style. Depending on if your new home has a modern, traditional or transitional style you can mix a variety of materials to make your stairs match. Furthermore, take into account the desired budget you have established for your new custom home. For example, if you want a modern look and save costs, one option can be going with a glass handrail return.

Adding steel to your stairs and selecting open treads will also contribute to a modern style vibe. If a traditional style is what you envision for your new custom home, we suggest choosing wood. Nevertheless, wood spindles can be a costly option. Depending on which areas your stairs will be connecting, and your family lifestyle, you will want to choose more durable or comfortable options. On one hand, wood and concrete are more durable materials but, on the other hand, choosing carpet can be a more comfortable option.

Planet Stairs can help design a contemporary staircase, or a traditional staircase, or balustrade that best fits your home’s interior décor.

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