08 June 2018

A well-made timber staircase is a thing of timeless elegance. They exude, simultaneously, a sense of power and gravitas, while appearing refined and classy all at the same time. A timber staircase can be a very costly investment, but it is something that is sure to last for generations to come, if properly installed and maintained, especially if the materials used to make the staircase are of high quality.

Still, there may come a time in its life where a little upgrading is necessary. This may be due to a number of different factors, but more often than not, timber staircases that experience regularly high traffic, or ones that are often exposed (if not left out to be totally exposed) to the elements will require a little upgrading every now and then.

If you are considering an upgrade for your timber staircase, then here are some important things to remember:

  • The framework – one of the most common things to forget when upgrading a pre-existing staircases is the framework. A lot of people revamp staircases with the sole intention of replacing the treads, forgetting that the framework is the most integral part of a staircase.

In a lot of cases, rotting or shoddy framework renders any upgrading of the treads useless. If you ever intend to upgrade a staircase, have the framework checked first and either bolster a pre-existing one, or redo it altogether with better materials.

  • The wood – some staircases can be made from hard to find wood that is no longer commonly available, or wood that has become pricier than it used to be. There are even times when the types of wood used for an original staircase was not suitable for the purpose a staircase served (e. g. soft wood for outdoor staircases).

In these instances, the best thing to do is to install a new staircase, and then choose a type of wood that will best serve your needs.

  • The build – some staircases are nailed on, while others are pegged. Still, other types of staircases are fitted together and held in place by either organic or synthetic glue. While you can always upgrade your staircases to include a new build (nailed staircases in lieu of fitted ones), it is sometimes necessary to stick to the pre-set build. Not only does it help to decrease the overall cost, but it also helps to maintain its integrity.

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