Things to Consider Before Choosing a Floating Staircase

12 April 2023

No other area of your house compares to the type of staircase you’re employing in terms of how well form and function are combined.  The type of elevation you choose can affect the entire feel and flow of the property, regardless of whether you have a two-story house or a mansion. Although they may initially appear unimportant, the design of your steps, which serves as the home’s focal point, plays a significant part in determining the style of your house. Among all the possible designs for your home’s staircase, floating staircases are surely one that you should seriously consider as a Melbourne homeowner.

Many people consider floating stairs one of the essential elements of contemporary design. They represent some of the best European design concepts, which greatly influence any house’s aesthetics. They achieve their distinctive floating appearance, which you may use to provide a dramatic emphasis to a space, by using glass balustrades, simple treads, and no support beneath each step. This staircase’s popularity is mostly because it contributes to creating a tranquil, natural setting conducive to pleasant living.

When deciding on the type of floating staircase style, it is crucial to consider a few crucial factors. Some of them are as follows:

Material Option

The choice of material is important since it contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of a staircase. For example, floating steel staircases work best with more contemporary designs that offer a style that complements concrete or material finishes. On the other hand, you can use a solid timber tread to enhance any modern environment with a traditional appearance that effortlessly incorporates modern functions.

Installation Process

Your stairs installation can also significantly affect how it looks, even though it may not seem like much initially because the parts of different arrangements are visible. Most arrangements use the common central stringer structure, which offers a more seamless architectural outcome. But, if you want a certain level of protection, you should utilise a railing system that can appear a little thicker.

Addition of Balustrades (or none at all)

Melbourne homeowners have chosen balustrade alternatives for their floating staircase designs in recent years because they help offer a contemporary touch. The design’s overall appeal can be further enhanced and made to feel complete with a glass balustrade.

The design options you’ll need to make when installing a basic floating staircase in your home are crucial factors to consider to maximise the return on your investment. You may quickly achieve the ideal setup for your house by following this quick guide.

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