11 December 2015

When it comes to home décor, people have varied choices and tastes, and that’s… ok. If you are designing or renovating your home, and you have a multi-storied building, then a staircase will come into the discussion, eventually. Spiral staircases have been around a long, long time; since the medieval times, and have inspired much famous architecture, and now it is time that you consider a spiral staircase for you home too.

Today’s Spiral Staircase is Modern yet Classy

If you have checked out some of the spiral staircase designs, then you know how beautiful these can look in your home. From cast iron heavyweight classics to wooden glamour, there is something about them that can add aesthetics to your home’s design theme.

In fact, in comparison to standard staircase designs, spiral staircases take up less space, and not only look good, but these can be extremely elegant. Often, houses with limited space to connect different floors opt for these kinds of staircases. As it is inclined vertically, these spiral types of staircases allow you to literally install them anywhere in your home or business.

Interestingly, there are many ready to fit staircases around that can be installed directly in your home. These spiral staircases are economical, in that they do not take the same amount of construction time to complete that a standard staircase would.

Material and Design Choices for Spiral Staircases

Did you know that spiral staircases can be made out of iron, wood and steel? The type of material to use for spiral staircases really depends on your choice of interiors, which could prove a challenge. In fact, if you want something to match the existing theme of your house, spiral designs can be custom-made to your requirements at any time.

Often a combination of wood and iron is used, to make the most of open living spaces. However, outdoor fire escape stairs are essentially made in iron for strength. They look elegant in wood, steel or even with glass fencing for décor tweaks, and you can effectively use them for your central feature for added value.

If you have cellar at home, then you can install a wood staircase, for ease of access. In fact, in regards to basement cellars, there can be nothing better than a solid wood spiral construction taking you to the bottom, when you have to pick a special diner wine.

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