The Pros and Cons of Timber Balustrades

22 November 2019

For sure, most homes with a second floor and more have stairs that are carefully designed and constructed according to the owners’ preferences. However, there may be instances that they have to redesign and reconstruct the stairs for various personal reasons. This instance calls for a new hunt for materials, design, structure, and more for their stairs at home.

One of the main parts of the stairs is the balustrade. Balustrades are composed of small columns topped by a rail, which helps the people flight the stair safely. These balustrades prevent people from falling while going up or down the stairs. While balustrades can be made up of metal, one commonly used material for these is timber. If you want to make sure that timber balustrades suit your taste, then read the following to know more.

Pros of Timber Balustrades

  • Familiarity: As mentioned, the use of timber has been a common sight in any construction works. In fact, timber was the only material that is used in constructing stairs before. This material can, therefore, create a sense of traditionalism to the design of the stairs.
  • Natural: Compared to other materials, timber balustrades are composed of completely natural material without the need of being manufactured again to another form factor. The natural composition of timber makes its texture soft and warm to touch. Balustrades out of timber can even bring the beauty of nature inside your homes.
  • Variety: With its natural texture, timber balustrades also come with different types of wood. You have the option to choose from beech, oak, pine, and other options that match your preferred balustrade design.
  • Finishes: The final finish of your timber balustrades can be easily optimised too. If you want to go for a natural look, then don’t do anything with it. However, if you want to paint, stain, or varnish your balustrade, you can do that with ease.
  • Styles: A huge array of design and style for your timber balustrades is possible thanks to the timber’s strong composition. Your builder can create a unique design language for your balustrade without worrying about the quality of the timber.

Cons of Timber Balustrades

  • Rot: One downside of being a natural material is the ability to degrade over time. Timber balustrades can degrade and rot in the long run. However, builders protect the timber balustrades by applying some paint or varnish over the surface of the balustrades. Waterproof coating is also applied to make the balustrades last for a long time.
  • Pests: Timber balustrades are also susceptible to pests like woodworm, beetle, and others. As pests grow in numbers, the only sign that you will get from their manifestation is pinprick holes on the balustrades.
  • Maintenance: This con is true to all kinds of materials. Wooden balustrades will require maintenance over time. If your timber balustrades have paint or varnish coating, then you must apply them again after a couple of few years.

Opting to timber balustrade has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It is in your hands whether you want to build a timber balustrade or choose another material. If you have more questions about the balustrades, contact us now at Planet Stairs. We can do stair services that are suitable to your liking.

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