27 September 2018

The bullnose, which is also known as the edge of a stair’s treading, is often overlooked as being nothing more than an extra aesthetic element that is expressly made to make a stair look more ‘polished’ and ‘refined’. What a lot of people do not realise is that the bullnose actually plays a very integral role in the construction of a staircase.

While it may not be as important as the foundation of a staircase, the bullnose does provide just as much safety and security as the railings and balustrades.

The Benefits of Bullnose in Your Staircase

Here are just some of the many reasons why the bullnose is an important feature of staircases:

  • Improved safety – the bullnose of staircases allows for a greater space for tread. This additional tread space can make all the difference between a staircase that is too steep (tread-wise), and one that can accommodate various foot sizes with relative ease. The bullnose can also be fitted with rubber or plastic strips at the edging, to further increase its ability to grip shoes and to provide a truly stable and reliable foothold.
  • Increases tread longevity – bullnoses are also designed to protect the treads from unnecessary wear and tear. Some types of bullnose even come reinforced with metal or plastic to further improve its overall durability. Staircase bullnoses are often thicker than the rest of stair treads, and are specifically designed to take on the brunt of the pressure and impact that comes with daily traffic.
  • Enhanced tread visibility – bullnoses on their own can help people see stair treads better, which increases overall safety by helping to prevent accidents. In commercial places where visibility is compromised, bullnose linings can even come with glow-in-the-dark paint or well-polished, reflective surfaces to ensure that not no one misses a step.
  • Added aesthetics – while bullnose in staircases are initially a practical feature, they likewise provide an additional touch of aesthetics that can be made all the better with the inclusion of accents that compliment or contrast the material of the tread. These of course serve to fulfil all the other above-mentioned functions, while simultaneously providing just the right amount of flair to make an impression.

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