The Aesthetic Appeal of Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade in Stairs

16 July 2019

While balustrades are not new to architecture, there are more material options available today than ever before, such as glass, timber, aluminium, iron, and stainless steel wire balustrade in stairs. Because of the variety of balustrades available, they are being used more often in home remodelling and commercial buildings. As balustrades continue to grow in popularity and use in stairs, of all the material options available, stainless steel wire balustrades are the preferred choice.

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade’s Aesthetic Appeal

Of the commonly used material for balustrade, such as timber, aluminium, and glass, stainless steel balustrade is the preferred choice for new homes and home renovation projects, for good reasons. Below are the benefits of using stainless steel balustrade over other materials, even glass:

Better than glass balustrade – stainless steel wire balustrade is better than glass, as it also offers a clear view of staircases, simple to keep clean, and will not damage easily.

Increases property value – because stainless steel is highly durable, stainless steel balustrade is a good investment into one’s home. It will not only add to your homes aesthetics and appeal to potential buyers when it comes time to sell, but it will also contribute the home’s value.

Minimal maintenance – stainless steel wire balustrade is also popular because it is low maintenance, which is a trait that appeals to homeowners.

Post options – with a range of newel posts made of timber, stainless steel round or square bar, wrought iron twist, or square bars, stainless steel wire compliments them all. This versatility is another reason why stainless steel wire balustrade is so popular.

Hardy – stainless steel wire balustrade will strengthen your stars, and it is ideal for use indoors or outdoors because it is very strong. And stainless steel can handle extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Choice of wire alignment – while balustrade wires are typically set horizontally, vertical wire alignment is possible, making it an effective way to ensure a minimalist aesthetic appearance and appeal.

There are many benefits of stainless steel wire balustrades to your stair, whether for interior or exterior staircases. They add aesthetic value, superior visibility, add strength to your stairs, require minimal maintenance, a range of post options available, and your choice of wire alignment to meet your interior design plans.

After considering the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel wire balustrade, as well as the other benefits it offers, it is no wonder why it is the preferred choice among new home builds and home construction projects.

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