24 November 2015

Home staircases provide a way to traverse from one floor to another in a house and receive a high amount of foot traffic throughout the year. For this reason, you may need to include your staircase in your remodeling plans to keep it in ideal, safe condition. You can opt for either concrete or timber staircases, but you may wonder which material is right for your specific staircase.

Benefits of Wooden Staircases

Timber provides a lighter-weight staircase than concrete does and this is important when you require a tall staircase or winding staircase inside your home. Concrete will place too much strain on your floor and also require additional supports for use in an inside staircase. Wood, on the other hand, will create a staircase that will not place undue stress on your floor.

The wood grain adds a special ambiance to the house with its unique pattern running through each piece of the staircase. Grain varies drastically between the types of timber just select the species of wood that appeals to your preferences the best. Of course, you always should select a durable timber, such as oak for only one suggestion. Concrete does not offer the same type of ambiance to a room compared to timber.

You have a wide assortment of finishes available to you for timber staircases. Wood stains come in colours from light ash or oak up to even ebony or almost black. If you wish the grain to show through completely, though, you may want to stay away from the ebony or black shades, as these are dark enough to hide part of the grain pattern of the wood. Concrete also comes in a variety of colours today, but the appearance of concrete is not as earthy as the appearance of timber is, and this is why most people prefer timber for their interior staircases.

Another benefit to a wooden staircase is the fact that it can match your outdoor deck material. The timber in this staircase must be able to stand up to weather and insect for it to be outside your home. Otherwise, it will rot quickly to the point where you will need to invest additional funds to replace it far sooner than you will like for your budget.

When Concrete Is Preferable for Staircases

Concrete is preferable in certain outdoor situations since it will stand up to rain, sun and other weather conditions. Outdoor staircases are typically not as tall as the indoor ones are too, which also makes concrete a viable option. At times, a porch is of concrete instead of timber and the concrete stairs complement the porch better under this circumstance.

Consider the benefits, size, height and location of your particular style of timber staircases to learn if indeed timber is the best material for it. We are confident that for your home, you will most likely prefer timber to the concrete for your staircase.

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