08 April 2016

There are many kinds of wood that can be used in staircases. Different kinds of wood have different kinds of ambiance, texture and durability. Of course, everyone would like a kind of wood that is very durable, longer lasting and that is pleasing to the eyes. One such kind of wood is called Tasmanian Oak.

What is Tasmanian Oak?

It is a kind of wood from a tree of Eucalyptus. There are 3 species, mainly: the ‘Eucalyptus regnan’ which grows in wet and damp areas, the ‘Eucalyptus delegatensis’ which grows at higher altitudes, and the ‘Eucalyptus obliqua’ which can grow in both wet and dry areas. As the name implies, it grows mostly in Tasmania, but it can be found in other parts of Australia.

This kind of Oak is light in colour, mostly light reddish brown, which can have stunning variations in shades throughout. There are many applications for it in all levels of construction and in all types of woodwork, such as panels, flooring and furniture. And, it is even used in the production of a good quality of paper.

Benefits of Timber Staircase

Unlike concrete, which is bland and unappealing to look at, timber such as oak, adds soothing ambiance to staircases, concrete does not. While concrete is a superior material for making public stairs used in malls, corporate buildings, airports, public transportation terminals and parks, it isn’t the best choice for staircases inside a home.

In terms of using this type of wood for your timber staircase, it’s one of the best materials you can use, because wood is timeless and unmatched in aesthetic value, especially in regards to home staircases.

Tasmanian Oak, with its light reddish brown shades, lasts longer than other kinds of timber, compliments other types of wood and looks stunning when showcased in a home staircase. Basically, staircases can be constructed from any form of material suitable for handling weight and pressure, such as metal, concrete, stone or even glass. However, nothing beats the benefits of having the natural ambiance that timber can provide.

If you want to add some ‘real’ natural beauty to your home, and you are considering renovating your staircase, or you need to access another level of your home or office, then take the next step – contact Planet Stairs and inquire about installing a beautiful timber staircase in your home.

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