Tasmanian Oak Timber Qualities and Common Applications

13 January 2021

Warm, thick and strong, Tasmanian oak is the favoured hardwood for a wide scope of applications. It functions admirably and produces a phenomenal completion. It tends to be utilized in all types of development and inside applications, for example, framing and deck. It very well may be stick overlaid to cover long ranges. Facade, pressed wood and designed items are likewise accessible. It is additionally a famous furniture timber, and its fibre is pursued reconstituted board and creation of the great paper.

Tasmanian oak is light in shading, changing from straw to rosy earthy coloured with halfway shades of cream to pink. It is perceived for its incredible staining qualities, which permit prepared to coordinate with different timbers, completions or goods.


Tasmanian oak is light in shading, fluctuating from straw to ruddy earthy coloured with moderate shades of cream to pink. It is perceived for its superb staining qualities, which permit prepared to coordinate with different timbers, completions or goods.

Common Applications

Tasmanian oak can be utilized for ensured underlying applications, for example, timber outlining, yet it is most appropriate to indoor applications and furniture due its low to direct sturdiness. Ground surface, framing and very good quality joinery are a portion of its more normal applications, although it is additionally utilized for rural actualizes, paddles, cooperage, boxes, boxes, paper mash and in the assembling of pressed wood.


A solid and stable timber, Tasmanian oak offers great all-round functionality. It planes, sands, completes and sticks well, and will promptly steam and curve. This makes Tasmanian oak is ideal for inner applications and furniture.

Framing, Interior

Inner framing, otherwise called appearance sheets and linings, isn’t only a down to earth methods for covering at least one dividers and roofs in a structure, its consideration in a room’s an inside plan can produce looks that are both sensational and trendy.


Timber mouldings add style, class and exquisite touch to any inside, offering a profundity of magnificence and warmth in a manner no one but wood can. From period times to those more contemporary, timber mouldings have graced the most snazzy and stylish of insides, brightening furniture, entryways and windows.

Rails and Balustrades, Interior

The adaptability, excellence and strength of timber settle on it the ideal material decision for inside handrails and balustrades. Treated softwood and sturdy hardwoods are the most well-known timber decisions and these can be gone to make a scope of exceptional styles and plans to suit an assortment of tastes and stylistic themes.

Steps, Interior

Inside flight of stairs work is viewed as a particular territory of carpentry and joinery as its development requires significant levels of workmanship, detail and exactness. Numerous inside steps are worked from quality joinery timber, cut and prepared particularly for flights of stairs. Ground surface


Regardless of whether for underlying or completed the process of deck applications, timber offers toughness, flexibility and versatility. The glow, strength and regular magnificence of timber flooring have demonstrated enduringly famous in a wide assortment of inside settings.


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