Tasmanian Oak for Your Staircase: Grain and Timber Quality that You Must Know About

17 December 2018

If you are looking for the perfect type of wood for your staircase, you may have come across many of the more conventional options – pine, heartwood, mahogany, and redwoods. While these varieties of timber are all excellent choices for staircases, and though each of them vary in price and innate aesthetic and practical value, they are quite commonplace and might not have the same sort of ‘wow-factor’ that many intrepid new homeowners or adventurous home renovators need or want.

If you want something new, or if you are looking for a type of wood that is uncommon, but can stand up on its own against the more conventional choices available, then consider opting for Tasmanian oak. Tasmanian oak is sourced from a species of eucalyptus that is endemic to Tasmania and its neighbouring areas, and is not really true oak by virtue of taxonomy.

Regardless of this minor technicality, Tasmanian oak stands on its own as a top-quality lumber that is quite at home with a number of different applications. It proves advantageous enough to be used for both flooring and inlay, as well as in the creation of furniture.

If you are looking for the perfect wood for a staircase, here are just some of the advantages Tasmanian oak provides:

  • Versatility – Tasmanian oak is versatile. Unlike true oak, Tasmanian oak can be tooled into a wide assortment of different thicknesses. It can be laminated, bent, hardened, stained, or even cut for use in inlays. It can be used on its own as solid lumber. It can even be cut or carved for additional aesthetics.
  • Affordability – compared to true oak which can be very costly depending on the variety, size, and quality of the wood grain, Tasmanian oak is far more affordable. While not exactly ‘cheap’, it is definitely several notches lower in price than true oak, but nevertheless delivers the same sort of quality and reliability that the former is famed for having.
  • Quality – Tasmanian oak can stand alongside the greats of the lumber world as a high-quality, low-maintenance material for sundry applications. Being a species of eucalyptus, it possesses some degree of resistance against wood-boring pests, and is renowned for its hardness and one-of-a-kind grain.

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