07 December 2015

Timber staircases will probably never go out of fashion, because they are as timeless as the material they are made from – natural timber. Traditional staircases are the epitome of décor, with a classy natural look that continues to inspire more, and more people today to have them installed in their homes and offices.

However, how many homeowners actually look into handrail options before they decide on installing wood staircases? Very few; in fact, most folks overlook handrails altogether when deciding on stairs, why is that? Most homeowners, especially new homeowners, know they want or need stairs in their homes, but honestly aren’t aware of the different types of hand railing that is available.

Actually, hand rails are a very important part of timber staircases – they frame and define how your stairs will look. With the right stylish hand railing, such as wire hand railing, wrought iron hand railing and shiny stainless steel hand rails, your simple timber staircase can look elegant.

If you are interested in knowing more about the different types and materials of stylish hand railing available, you will find the following tips helpful when choosing the right option for your simple timber staircase.

Stylish Handrails Highlight Your Simple Timber Staircase

To begin with, hand rails provide stability and support to home staircases, making them incredibly important for people with children and elderly folks living in the house. Hand railing allows everyone in your home to go up, and come down the staircase securely. Often, hand railing prevents accidents from happening, especially in places where they get much use outside of the home, places like schools, retirement homes and public places such as shopping malls.

Usually, timber handrails go well with timber staircases with the same wood finish. Most home owners do not want to experiment with combining different hand railing materials with their timber staircase. Instead, they just simply make sure that its looks as the part of the whole installation. However, there are some hand railing materials that compliment timber staircases, namely stainless steel, wrought iron and wire hand rails.

If you cannot decide on the type of hand rails for your home’s staircase, it is always recommended to talk to a professional staircase installer. If you have pictures of a sample hand rails that you find attractive, tell them, and they can create similar hand railing for you. Basically, the shape and type of hand rails should not only complement a staircase, but should also be strong enough to provide stable support.

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