Storage Staircase: An Ideal Design for Smaller Homes

16 April 2019

Small homes are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. They take up less space, have lower building costs, and are more affordable to maintain! On top of these obvious benefits, smaller homes are easier to clean.

The question is, how do you design a small house to maximise space? With its extremely limited space, homeowners have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the idea. The problem seems even bigger for two-story homes. You’d have to fit a staircase, some handrails, and maybe even a balustrade in such a small space, right?

Typical staircases take up a considerable amount of room, and for smaller homes it could take up much storage space. Thankfully, there is an innovative way to utilise the space needed for a staircase that can be used to create needed storage space for smaller homes.

At Planet Stairs, our company specialises in building staircases for houses of all sizes, including smaller homes. The best way smaller homes can benefit from staircases is to install staircases with storage space.

Space under your staircase can be turned into storage spaces that can benefit smaller homes in many ways, below are some great staircase storage ideas:

• Mount a TV and shelving for books.
• Create shelves and cabinets for storage under your staircase.
• Turn the area under your staircase into a work or study space with a small custom foldout desk.
• Install a tiny two-seat, foldout dining table under your staircase.
• Create a linen closet under your staircase.
• Install minimalist shelving to display pictures and books.
• Install bike hooks to hang your bicycles.
• Place a small couch or chairs to lounge in.
• Create a play areas for your children.
• Design small wine room.
• Install and electric fireplace.
• Put a refrigerator and bar space.
• Create shelving to display fine China ware.

These are only a few ideas of how to create storage space under staircases that are ideal for smaller homes. If you have a small home and are in need of extra space, then consider installing a storage staircase.

Here at Planet Stairs, we are staircase professionals that specialise in designing can building storage staircase that are ideal for smaller homes. We have an extensive range of high quality timbers and hardwoods to choose from that can be polished and stained to your liking. We can work with you to plan and design the perfect storage staircase for your home that will meet your specific needs.

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