30 April 2018

While it is not common that a staircase needs to be replaced, often times home owners want to change the type of staircase to meet their aesthetic tastes. A well-made and installed timber staircase can last many decades, or longer, if it is maintained regularly. Sometimes because of a change in building codes staircases may have to be altered or even replaced, for the sake of safety.

Many times, a staircase can be effectively renovated just by replacing the balustrade, either to add a specific modern appeal or to reduce the spaces between posts, to make them safer if there are young children living in the house. In fact, there are many things to consider before renovating or replacing a staircase.

Important Things to Consider when Renovating and Replacing a Staircase

After the final decision to renovate and replace a staircase, the next step is to choose a company that specialises in timber staircases, such as Planet Stairs. While the decision to renovate and replace an old staircase, or to install a new one, is the first step, there are other important things to consider too, before any work can begin:

  1. Planning with professionals – when you are ready to renovate your staircase and replace it with a new one, Planet Stairs will be there every step of the way, from designing, planning, choosing the rights materials and style, to installation.
  2. Choosing the right staircase design – there many staircase designs and ideas that can transform a home, in fact, the staircase alone is a major feature that people will notice and remember. If you aren’t sure what type or style timber staircase that would look best in your home, such as a contemporary staircase or a traditional staircase, not to worry, staircase professionals at Planet Stairs can help.
  3. Location, location, location – deciding the best location to place your staircase is crucial, and depending on the design and style, you can choose to place it near the front door, the living room, or even angle it away from view.
  4. Needed space – the amount of space available will either limit your choices, or offer more opportunities, in regards to the type and style of staircase you can install in your home.
  5. Hand rails and balustrades – while these are basically for safety, there are different types of balustrades that compliment timber staircases, such as stainless steel, wires, and wrought iron balustrades.

Staircase renovation and replacement is exciting, and for property owners that are ready to take the next “step,” Planet Stairs is here to help.

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