11 January 2017

Landings are transitional points in staircases that allow you to traverse to the next section or exit them with ease. While certain homeowners will leave these points plain and uninteresting, you can make a unique statement that will make people pause and stare along their journey from one floor to another one. If you have difficulty coming up with your own ideas for landings, consider the following ones to learn if they appeal to you.

1. Provide a View with a Window

Install a window so all who climb the stairs can pause and enjoy the great outdoors, especially if you have a great view of the backyard or your gardens. On top of this, a window will allow light to shine in on an area that may be a bit dark otherwise without the lights on during the day.

2. Landings Are Ideal for Reading Nooks

Install a padded bench, sufficient lighting and a collection of your favourite books to a landing, and you will have the ideal reading nook. Select your preferences in colours, finishes and fabrics to make a unique statement with this idea. If you are not into reading, make it a craft or nap area.

3. Place a Study Area on an Upper Landing

When you need an additional study area for one of the kids, simply place a desk and other necessities on the landing if the area allows for all of the items. By doing this, your child can study away from the noise of the others in the house, and he or she may even realise an improvement in grades.

4. Decorate the Landing Walls

Hang framed artwork, photos or mirrors on the landing walls to enhance their ambiance. People cannot help but pause to admire the arrangement of whatever elements you select to add to these walls. Mirrors create an illusion of additional space while prints, paintings and photos enhance the area with colours, images and even family members.

5. Add a Laundry Area to a Large Landing

One unique idea for the use of a large landing is the addition of a laundry area. Place your washer and dryer on an upstairs landing. You will then have the ability to wash and dry your clothes without lugging them down the stairs to accomplish these tasks.

Rely on Planet Stairs for additional ideas on how to turn ordinary landings into places that will make you pause and stare. Our company provides all styles of timber staircases, landings and other related components to ensure that you can traverse from floor to floor in an attractive, durable and quality manner.

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