16 June 2016

All multi-storey houses have one thing in common, namely interior staircases to enable the owners to traverse from one floor to another one. Selecting the proper placement for these staircases can be a daunting task when homeowners do not understand the necessary considerations that should go into their final decision. If you are facing this dilemma currently, we provide you with the following information to assist you in locating your particular staircase interior design option correctly in your house.

Placement Often Depends on the Style of the Staircase

Where you place your staircase often depends on which style of one that you prefer in your home. You can select from straight, spiral, curved, L-shaped, single or double versions. Each has its own characteristics and space requirements. Spiral staircases provide a space-saving way to traverse from floor to floor when your space is severely limited, whereas, all the styles are suitable for medium-size to large-size homes. Spiral ones can sit out in the middle of the room if necessary while you may wish to locate the others next to an interior wall unless your house is spacious. At times, though, homeowners create a staircase as a focal point of their foyer area where it envelopes most of the available space. Typically, this is reserved for large, spacious homes.

The Width of the Staircase May Influence Its Placement

How wide a staircase is also may influence where you will need to place it. Whereas, many homeowners select the foyer to place their staircase, the wall outside your living room may be ideal for one in your home. Another example of this would be when the kitchen is directly over the basement, the staircase needs to start in the kitchen and travel to the basement even when it is not on a wall of the house.

Think of How the Staircase Affects the Overall Layout

Consider the way in which the staircase affects the overall layout of the area. For example, if both sides of your open living space contain large picture windows, you would not wish to block the view of the outdoors by placing a staircase in front of the windows. Instead, you should place the staircase in the middle of the area, whether or not there is a wall for additional support. This way, you will be able to enjoy the view from each side of the house without issue.

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