Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Timber Stairs

25 February 2021

With many homes being built today, we are seeing a lot of double storey homes come up. Even many older homes are being remodelled, and an extra floor is built on top of the existing home. Therefore aoutdoor timber stair will also be required. The outdoor timber stair becomes part of a home, part of the décor and in many cases, even a focus point in a home. With the advancements made today, we are also seeing many different materials being used as well as designs, strategies and even shapes of outdoor timber stairs that come to light. Types of wood are still most commonly use as it can add to an older home’s natural look, while it gives a chic look to more modern homes.

Varnishing adds to its longevity and maintenance, making wooden outdoor timber stairs even more popular. Wood is also known for adding warmth plus exceptional décor to any home. Wood outdoor timber stairs gives you more options than only using wood, as you can incorporate glass or steel, and even wrought iron into your design, thus make your outdoor timber stair completely unique.

The handrails of your outdoor timber stair not only provide a safety feature but also add to the appearance. Maintenance is also needed to ensure your outdoor timber stair keeps its appeal as well as durability, safety and last as long as possible. With maintenance you can keep track of any problems and upgrade your handrails ahead of time, preventing breakage or accidents. Below is the importance of upgrading and replacing your outdoor timber stair handrails

Upgrading or Replacing Your Outdoor timber stair Handrails Addresses Issues Ahead of Time

Handrails can become loose or break over time, but by updating your handrails, these problems can be sorted ahead of time. Maybe you are just fed up with the currently installed handrails and feel like bringing in a change. By simply updating your current handrails you can have your outdoor timber stair look like a new one. Maybe you would like to add thicker posts and balusters or thinner ones.

Wooden handrails are a better option in more ways than one. Iron is colder while wood is warmer to the touch. Wooden handrails are larger and more comfortable than its iron counterpart. Wooden handrails can also compliment other features of your home, such as the floors, furniture and even décor.

These may also need to be reinforced, so you ought to consider using a professional in this field of service. If these are cared for properly, in time it contributes to an even more gracious appeal to any home. Wood requires less construction time in addition to being easier to clean and durable. Whatever your reasons may be for upgrading, changing to wood or iron, and going from thick to thin or just due to old age, an expert is always advisable.

If your home outdoor timber stair has handrails that need an upgrade have a look at a reliable company to assist you. You can easily do so by visiting Planet Stairs and talking to their friendly staff with any queries. They can aid with wood and steel, posts, nosing as well as bull nose’s. Update your outdoor timber stair handrails today and get professional assistance from a company that has the required knowledge to help you.


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