Should You Use MDF material for Your Stairs? Here are the Pros and Cons

12 May 2022

Over the years, medium density fiberboards or MDFs have been widely used in many living spaces around the world due to their many uses and good qualities. MDF is a composite timber material that is manufactured to look like natural timber. They may not be real wood but they also provide a lot of benefits. If you are looking for the best material for your stairs at home, here are the pros and cons to help you decide if you should use MDF material for your staircase.



Medium-density fibreboards are engineered wood which makes them denser and stronger than the other materials. That is why most homebuilders and homeowners nowadays prefer to use MDF material for home improvements.

Smooth Finish

Medium-density fibreboards have a smooth finish and maintain their consistent smoothness throughout, making the cutting of detailed designs possible.


MDF is highly versatile and can be used for many home improvement projects. Most homes also utilise MDF material in the fabrication of furniture.


One reason why you should use Medium-density fibreboards for your stairs, is they are generally cheaper than plywood and other alternative materials. Choosing a medium density fibreboard material for your stairs can save you a lot of money that you can still spend on the other materials instead.


Easily absorbs water

One of the disadvantages of MDF is that they easily absorb water if not sealed on all sides. MDF also tends to soak like a sponge, unlike natural timber. A bad quality that makes some homeowners hesitate.

Very Heavy

MDF is very heavy which makes them a difficult material to lift and cut. Despite this, they are softer than timber which makes them vulnerable to breaking and splitting.

As you have noticed, the strengths greatly overweighs the drawbacks. And these prove that medium density fiberboard is also a good material to use for stairs and any other parts of living space. If you ever decide to use Medium-density fibreboard material for your stairs and some furniture, please feel free to talk to one of our experts at Plant Stairs. We have a team of specialists in timber staircases. At Planet Stairs, we offer affordable, quality internal and external timber staircases, handrails, and balustrades for new homes, home renovations, and commercial properties. We are equipped with a team of professionals with the experience and expertise to bring you the utmost aesthetics and value of stairs. We also guarantee that our every work is installed safely and within the local building standards in Melbourne. Our commitment to high-quality workmanship is matched with our dedication to giving the best customer satisfaction.

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