Safety Standards that Must Be Considered When Designing Stairs

21 March 2019

Next to motor vehicle accidents, falls are near the top of the list of leading accidents in Australia. Falls can happen as the result of slippery flooring, and can also occur on residential and commercial stairs. While most stairways may seem simple in design, there is much that needs to be considered before they are constructed.

More complex stairway designs require plans for structural integrity, proper handrail placement, and lighting to meet safety standards. Dimensional uniformity is another criteria for the safe designing of stairways.

Timber staircase specialists work with property owners to design stylish and safe staircases that can fit any residential need or requirement. Staircases can be designed to complement any interior or exterior décor, and are made to be easy to climb and descend, safely, for people of all ages.

There are many staircase designs to choose from, such as floating treads, or staircases with stainless steel bar and handrails, or with glass balustrades. In fact, you can get creative and customise your staircase to reflect your personal aesthetic tastes. Working with professionals at Planet Stairs, you can be assured that all staircase designs will meet and exceed safety standards.

Designing Stairs to Meet Safety Standards

All staircases designed by Planet Stairs comply with the Building Code of Australia. We follow safety standards that must be considered when designing stairs to meet our clients specific needs. An example of some of the safety standards include the following:

– Not more than 19 risers in each flight of stairs.
– Risers without openings must allow a 125mm sphere to pass through the treads.
– Treads and nosing strip must meet slip-resistance classifications.
– Use of treads that are made of solid construction when a stairway is higher than 10m, or that connects to more than three storeys.

These are just a few examples of some of the safety standards that must be considered when designing stairs. At Planet Stairs, we comply with all building codes and use the latest edition of the Australian Standard when designing stairs for residential and commercial properties.

For more information on this topic, at your earliest convenience, feel free to contact us here Planet Stairs. As experts in bringing timber staircase designs and ideas to fruition, our company has an assortment of timber available to choose from, such as:

– Victorian Ash
– Mirboo
– Blackbutt
– Tasmanian Oak
– Spotted gum
– Jarrah

When designing stairs for your property, choose a reliable company that will meet safety standards – Planet Stairs.

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