12 August 2015

Staircases are something of a home luxury that most houses no longer tend to focus on, or much less even afford to have. These have become something of a luxury lately, relegated to only the most affluent of houses that boast grand and timeless designs, which are well beyond the budget of the average householder today. This may spell disappointment for homeowners who want to experience what it’s like to have a grand staircase that connects their first floor entrance to the second floor.

While winding staircases may be the epitome of a ‘classical’ staircase, a more financially viable and readily constructible alternative are Victorian style staircases. Unlike the more detailed and somewhat spacious designs that grand and imperial-style staircases proudly boast, Victorian staircases veer more towards a combination of subtle elegance and full-functionality, making these more than ideal for most modern homes today.

Reminiscing the past with Victorian style staircases is possible and not as expensive as one might think. Actually, these don’t have to be gaudy; in fact, the trademarks of Victorian staircases were their penchant for compactness. Unlike more ornate and extremely expensive stairs that are deemed more ‘ideal’, Victorian style staircases combine the best of aesthetics and function without being too overbearing or out-of-place in most homes these days.

Because one of the most obvious benefits of a Victorian staircase is in its compact nature, Victorian stairs are happily finding their way into modest sized homes in Victoria.

The Aesthetics of Victorian Style Stairs in Your Home

Most Victorian style stairs are generally found connected to the side or very close to walls; this allows ample space for other things like furniture, storage, or even just extra space to move around in. Most homeowners hanker for something nostalgic to add a little sense of charm or finesse to their pride and joy investment, their home. While some homeowners settle for mercurial décor, some folks actually find that installing something like Victorian staircases to annex their first and second stories far more beneficial to the overall aesthetics of their home, rather than simply settling for pleasant interior décor.

Victorian staircases, whether simple or ornate, adds a little extra period flavour to homes which are reminiscent of earlier days. Victorian stairs are known for the variations in the ornate-ness or simplicity of their balustrades, so knowing which kind of staircase style suits your home is paramount to bringing out the best in your home’s overall interior design.

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