13 May 2016

When we think of the stairs, final touches like nosing often go unnoticed. Why is it worth your consideration, and is it an important accessory for stairs? Actually, according to contractors and staircase installation specialists, it is one of the most effective ways to prevent accidental slips that occur while traversing stairs.

What is stair nosing?

You may have noticed staircases that have little treads installed at the end of each stair that is often placed on top of carpet? These are a restrictive measure to prevent slipping by creating friction in case of an emergency, when someone is using the stairs loses their footing. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year suffer from injuries due to accidents on stairs, not only bruises and broken bones, but some accidents result in fatalities too. That is why homes that have staircases commonly install nosing, the type that is best suited for their stairs.

The right kind of nosing for stairs should provide enough grip to the foot and be located towards the edge of each stair. The other beneficial use of nosing for stairs is in protecting stair edges from damage that occurs from use over a long period of time, and, in this way, nosing can reduce damage and home maintenance costs.

Property owners and managers are increasingly using decorative nosing designs that also offer aesthetic value, apart from physical protection on both residential and commercial staircases. There are many different designs and styles available in the market today, and knowing the best kind to use on your stairs is important, that is why consulting with professional staircase installers is advised.

Is stair nosing worth the extra installation cost? The answer is pretty straight forward, can you afford not to install it? For families with small children and elderly, nosing for stairs is an extra level of safety that just makes sense, as these are proven to lower the risk of slipping on stairs. Basically, stair nosing makes staircases incredibly safer, irrespective of whether you have them installed at home or at the office.

What material is used for nosing? There are a few choices in material, such as aluminium or other light metal, wood and even plastic, but staircase specialists at Planet Stairs can suggest what will best work for you.

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